As part of the Thorpe Park Resort ‘Island Ambassador 2017’ Scheme I was invited to the park to have a little taster of one of their VIP Packages. These include Ultimate Fastrack, a Meal in Fins and most excitingly – a Coaster Climb up The Swarm. The video shows our entire day, plus the climb up The Swarm.

It’s worth noting that the Coaster Climb is a LOT longer in reality, you get a behind the scenes look at the ride. As well as a few park secrets too! I was asked not to film these bits – so if you want to have the full experience, you’ll have to book a VIP Day, or a Coaster Climb!

All filmed on my trusty Yi 4K+ Camera and the 360 shots on my Gear 360.

Music Credits – Thorpe Park / IMAScore (background music) and for the ‘Coaster Climb’ Theme.

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