We’re big LEGO fans in this household. The LEGO my kids play with is the LEGO I played with, which I inherited from my Mum and Uncle. There are some newer additions, however a lot of it would be over 50 years old! We stored it all in a massive 70 litre tub. Which was great as it slid under a bed when it wasn’t be used. However there were SO many blocks it would be a nightmare to find what you wanted. J enjoys making buildings with stripes in, or a particular colour, so it meant each ‘build’ needed a LOT of foraging. If you’ve got a LOT of LEGO in a tub, the sound of foraging through it is ANNOYING. Especially first thing in the morning!

All hail the LEGO Masters!

After watching LEGO Masters on Channel 4 – J LOVED the way they stored the LEGO. It was all sorted into colours and shapes, in little drawers. It really was a great way to store LEGO. We looked around to find the best drawers. The problem we found was that most of the drawers were uniform sizes, however, our LEGO collection isn’t really uniform. The ‘RED’ drawer would be brimming with bricks. The purple one would be nearly empty. Also, if the LEGO was in a drawer unit, we’d need something that could be moved around from the kid’s room to the living room. After searching the shops, and looking online there didn’t seem to be anything suitable. We needed something a little more flexible to store LEGO.

Miss A found these Really Useful Boxes – they are 21 litre boxes with 2 trays inside. One has 6 compartments, and the other has 12. You can take the trays out as you need them. Plus you can split colours across different compartments. If you were being ultra picky, you could split them into colours, and sizes. In the end we needed a total of 4 boxes with 8 trays, and about 5 hours (at least!) of sorting through the LEGO!

Sorting through all the LEGO!

All done!!

J’s layout perhaps needs a little more refinement, however, it’s SO much better than having it all in a massive tub. He can get whatever colours or bricks he needs, by just taking out a tray from the box. There’s less of that scrunchy, sorting sound too because everything is to hand!

How we now store Lego
How we now store Lego

How do you store your LEGO? Do you have a clever method?

One thought on “The best way to store LEGO

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m a sort em out into separate boxes type of girl – OH is a throw em all in together kind of guy. It’s logical to keep them where you can find them instead of spending time rooting about, no? Also, that sound of Lego bricks being scraped. *shudders*

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