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This won’t be a particularly long review, because, well – it’s hard to review a towel in masses of detail – it is simply just a towel! However Dock and Bay Towels are a little bit different from your regular towel. I first discovered them on Dragons Den. Admittedly I was a little dubious about the excitement and enthusiasm over a towel. I voiced this as the show went out over Twitter – largely directed at Deborah Meaden as she put her money into Dock and Bay.

I didn’t want to write them off completely, because generally, only half decent products get investment. So I thought, especially as I use a lot of towels now I’m hitting the gym. I’d put my money where my mouth is and try one. I went for a Dock and Bay Active Yoga & Gym Towel in Grey.

It arrived pretty quickly, and the first thing I noticed despite being the largest size they make – XL 200x90cm (78x35in) – it’s TINY especially when packed away in the bag. The second thing I noticed is how the towel feels. It doesn’t feel like a towel. It’s thin, and not fluffy, it feels very un-towel like. It’s got a feel of a chamois that you’d use on your car. It’s unlike any towel you’ve used. It’s made from 30% recycled plastic bottles. I must admit, the texture felt peculiar and I wasn’t sold.

Then, I used it.

It’s nothing short of amazing. You don’t realise how rubbish ‘normal’ towels are until you use this. You’re dry in next to no time. As well as drying you quickly, the towels dry super quick too. It’s especially helpful if you don’t have a tumble-drier. Traditional towels are a pig to dry in winter without a tumble-drier, and if they don’t dry quickly enough they can be a bit smelly. Nothing of the sort here. After the washing, or indeed using it, they are dry in no time.

Whilst on the subject of washing – when you was them, don’t go over 40 degrees, or use fabric conditioner as it will make the towel ineffective.

It’s great for taking to the gym, or travelling because they fold down to a tiny, tiny size. My gym bag used to be dominated by a towel – no more! I wasn’t convinced that it would fold back down into the storage bag – it does – every time. It’s fantastic for keeping the rest of my gear dry after being at the gym, you just pop it back into the bag.

The Dock and Bay towels come in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs. I’ve decided that I’d like to replace our towels with Dock and Bay towels, and maybe get some of the ponchos for the kids too. They really are fantastic, and I really understand why they got investment. I do miss the fluffy texture of the towel, however, I love the other benefits the Dock and Bay towels. I’ve heard they are great for pets too!

They aren’t hideously expensive either – grab one at Amazon, or direct from Dock and Bay, and become a convert like me!


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