As I was scrolling through Twitter last night – I noticed a ‘UK Bloggers’ twitter account that had been ‘atted’ into a tweet. I’d never seen this particular account before, so I hit the profile and got a surprise.

I felt a disgruntled and went to bed. Wondering who I’d annoyed.

This morning I woke up, and wanted to investigate further. Just WHO had I upset that much? A quick check showed that account is owned by a blogger – no surprises there. Honestly, I had no idea WHO they were. I’ve met hundreds of bloggers in the years I’ve been doing this. Many of them female. I’m not gonna lie, some of them blend into each other. I’m not great with faces and names at the best of times, throw in a few blog handles and I’m dizzy. Honestly though this was a person I had no recollection of upsetting.

Perhaps if this was an isolated incident, I could potentially shrug it off. It’s not though, a few times recently I’ve seen ‘This Tweet is Unavailable’ – clicked and found someone has blocked me. I understand if I’ve had a run in with them previously, or similar. That’s what I do, If someone has fucked me off to the point I don’t want to see their face. They are gone. Socially dead to me. However, I will generally have a bit of a muse before I hit that button.

I can’t recall stamping out someone by proxy, or because someone else has suggested I do. Everyone I have blocked, I’ve met them, know them, and decided – No. My online persona can be.. divisive. I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade, or a blogger a dick. I have the sensitivity of a breeze block. Thing is though, that’s not REALLY who I am. I’m quite quiet, thoughtful, and occasionally painfully shy. Often people can be shocked by the difference in offline me, to online me.

So, when someone I’ve had zero interaction with, positive, or negative – I find myself confused.

Am I REALLY that appalling?

I’m starting to feel happier about myself in a lot of ways, however, random shit like this gets to me. There was another incident where a blogger had found images of her kid removed from Insta. So many people were RTing her disgust and outrage, I saw lots of blank tweets – I was blocked. Again, literally no idea who this person was. I’d have probably got involved, however you can’t do that when you’re blocked.

In my mind, I can scroll through my fairly short ‘block’ list and think – “Yep, met them, they were abhorrent” – “Honestly, I seen enough of your Photoshopped face” – “Yeah, you sent me abuse via DM”. No one is there who I haven’t met, or at least interacted with.

There’s nowt as queer as folk, and there’s nowt as fucking stupid as bloggers.

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