So my ‘blogging more frequently’ has fallen down slightly, not because of me – I’m here and typing! Sadly not into WordPress. This is being tapped into Google Docs. My site is currently down, and has been for several hours. The database server is fucked. Thankfully a lot of it is cached in Cloudflare, so it’s not a total loss. It’s frustrating never-the-less I don’t like stuff that isn’t working. Especially when I’m paying for it.

It seems to be a theme for the day. Just – down.

I’m not in a total black hole. It’s just felt like nothing has quite gone to plan. I REALLY wanted to get to the gym today. It didn’t happen though. I’ve had an annoying cough for a few weeks now and combined with a cold – it’s played havoc with my asthma. The last time I went, I went with the intention of ‘taking it easy’. I came out realising, between the wheezes, that I can’t go easy on myself. So I need to be better before I go back.

I’ve been feeling a bit down about the state of blogging at the moment. I feels like it’s overrun with people churning out sponsored posts. Giving glowing endorsements to everything because it’s been paid for. There just doesn’t seem to be anyone writing about ‘them’ or what’s going on in their lives. It’s just a constant scramble for freebies and shiny things. It just feels so competitive and grubby.

It’s not all misery though. I’m SO proud of how well my YouTube channel is going. I was totting up how many views my Alton Towers vlogs have had. In just over seven months, those ones have 40k views alone. Combined with all the other Vlogs it’s well over 60k views – I’m super proud of this. I’ve got a few ideas for more content over the next few months. I feel each one is improving and I’m getting faster at editing too. So – feel free to visit it, hit Subscribe, and watch a few of the vlogs.

Also – I’m off to New York fairly soon. It’s only a brief trip compared to last time. I’m SO excited though. New York is an incredible city, and I’m ready for it this time. The first time you go, it takes a few days to acclimatise to the sheer ‘speed’ of the city. We’ve got a few plans while we’re out there. However the diary isn’t crammed full, it’s a holiday after all and sometimes, it’s okay to ‘freestyle it’.

So – whilst today, there has been an element of ‘down’ – it’s not a complete loss. Plus, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I’ve got some events lined up in London, and hopefully – the blog will be back up.

Fingers crossed.

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