Yesterday felt big to me, I finally got back on the gym horsey. After a few weeks of wheezing and coughing at the thought of excercise, I was finally feeling ready to return. I was up and down there earlier than I normally am, and it went well – to a point. Not even a hint of a wheeze. However after some running and weights, my head started to spin. I felt horribly light headed, I sat down before I fell down. After a little rest and some water, I thought I should quit while I’m ahead and hit the showers.

In my gym, the changing rooms are tiny, the showers are open, and you can see into them as you walk into changing room door. It’s fine normally. I generally never see anyone else in the changing room, it’s a very quiet, rural gym. Yesterday though, there were two guys in there. One in the shower, and the other getting dry. The chap in the shower caught my attention. Putting it delicately – he was clearly in semi ‘excitable’ state. Generally guys face ‘into’ the shower, not this chap though, he was facing forward – wares clearly visible. In changing room situations you’re quite likely to see penis. It’s par for the course. But this level of tumescence – never before. I felt a bit weird. Instead of hitting the shower, I grabbed my bag and left.

I’m not sure what concerned me more, the slightly excitable penis, or the weird look on his face. I wonder if I should have said something, or done something.

I’ve made it through life thus far without seeing unwanted dick. Actually, no that’s not entirely true. There was a slightly odd little fella in primary school that had a penchant for getting his bits out in the corner of the playground. However, since then I’ve been without penis incident for 31 years.

I’m usually quite hardy, and not phased by weirdness – but this was just so strange and unsettling.

Boys are odd.

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