Today has been a good day. It started off with a flourish of work because I had to haul my arse to London. I’d got invited to the ‘Dream Toys 2017’ event to see the ‘Top 12’ toys of 2017. As far as J is concerned, right now, there is only one toy – LEGO. It was interesting to stroll around and see the big 12. If I’m completely honest, nothing really ‘moved’ me. Some of it was fun and quirky, however, there was just a lot of plastic. I had no feelings of ‘take my money’. I must admit, the ‘Fur Real Roarin’ Tyler‘ was kinda cute – I could see J playing with this, and enjoying it.

I also met the creepy ass looking Luvabella Doll too. Despite the slightly strange look, it’s a cute little toy that I’m sure lots of little ones will enjoy playing with. I’m still not convinced it doesn’t steal souls as you sleep though.

I think I was meant to schmooze the toy PR people a little more. I’m not great at schmoozing, even moreso when my heart isn’t in it. I imagine that the LEGO boxes will be getting fully at Christmas. It was great to meet the ‘Mother’ of The Motherload – Kate at last. As well meeting up with Fran and Erica – these random events are all the better for people you know being there.

James and the Birthday Balloon

I was very excited by the next event, it’s been in the diary for AGGGGES. It was the launch of Nicola Rowley’s new book – James and the Birthday Balloon. The launch was held at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. Perhaps not the the most conventional location for a book launch. However, for every copy of the book that’s sold, £1 will help support the hospital.

Dr Ranj, Nicola Rowley and the real ‘James’ at the launch of James and the Birthday Balloon

Included in the price of the book is an audio copy of the book, read by non other than the delightful Dr Ranj. He was also at the launch, and did a reading of it for the assembled audience. It amazed me that Dr Ranj remembered me from our brief encounter at The MADS. Dr Ranj is one of the kindest, warmest humans you’ll ever meet. He took the time to have a little chat with me at the end of the event. I’ll write about that when I run a competition giving away a signed copy of the book.

It varied, but interesting day – I’m bloody shattered now! I’m actually falling in love with blogging again – it’s nice to fire stuff out there as and when it happens.

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