There is no end to the number of improvements you could make to your home. But, if you intend to sell at some point, it is worth focusing on areas that will boost the value. These tips will also make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

1. Spruce Up The Exterior

When potential buyers view your home, the first thing they see is the front garden and exterior. Estate agents refer to this as ‘kerb appeal’. Interested parties are likely to drive past your home before making enquiring. Getting this part right could score you a viewing.

Things to be aware of are keeping your garden tidy and refreshing paintwork etc. Do your windows and doors look shabby? Are they functioning properly? If not, renovating or replacing them would be a good investment in the short-term and long-term. There are numerous benefits, apart from improving the aesthetics of the property. For example, ensuring your home is cosy and dry, reducing fuel bills, etc.

If you decide to replace or renovate windows and doors, ensure you opt for a style that reflects that character and charm of the property. For example, sash windows can now be updated with double glazing without having to remove the original frames.


2. Bathroom and Kitchen

Most estate agents agree that improving your bathroom and kitchen can increase the value and saleability of your home. A power shower is an attractive addition to many potential buyers. If your water pressure is low with online retailers like Complete Pump Supplies you can buy booster pumps for showers. Depending on your budget, you may not need a complete renovation. Work with what you have already. Ensure that grouting is kept clean or is replaced if necessary. Replace old or discoloured floor tiles. If you don’t want to replace bathroom suites, consider giving them a refresh with new taps. Or replace the side of your bath if this has become cracked. Even a new toilet seat can make a difference. A deep clean could also help too, check out Sunflower Maids for that kind of service.

Don’t worry if you have a small bathroom area. Your home can still be sellable by maximizing whatever space you have. You can paint the walls with soft colors, get a big mirror, eliminate unnecessary stuff, use shelving, and install a space-saving toilet. Of course, never compromise quality over size. As such, ensure your toilet can still efficiently do the job it’s designed to do. Much better, go for a toilet system that’s easy to install, friendly to the environment, and not prone to clogging.


3. Keep on Top of Maintenance

It is important to look after your home and keep on top of repairs. This includes simple tasks such as cleaning and clearing the garden. It also includes fixing problems that crop up every now and again. For example, a broken roof slate or a crumbling step. If potential buyers spot an issue in your home, this may raise questions. They may wonder if the house has been cared for and if there are other hidden issues.



4. Decorating

Keep your decor up-to-date and refresh it every few years. If you intend to sell, neutral colours work well. They provide a blank canvas where potential buyers can visualise their own furniture in your home. If your home is overly personalised, it can be harder for them to imagine this.



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