Escape Rooms are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Something that generally started off as a horror themed halloween attraction is now becoming mainstream. There are many companies creating new and exciting Escape Room experiences, including ‘Escape Hunt’. Escape Hunt is a global provider of live escape room experiences. The company was founded in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2013. Since then, Escape Hunt has expanded rapidly – opening nearly 50 locations across 27 countries around the world.

Although Escape Rooms can be heavily themed, that don’t normally have the backing of a brand or IP. However, Escape Hunt have bagged one of the biggest global brands – they’ve teamed up with BBC Studios. This means, from December 2018, and into 2019 will be opening Doctor Who Escape Rooms in their Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Oxford and Reading locations!

What is an Escape Room?

The general idea of an Escape Room is that you and a group of friends are ‘locked in’ a room for a period of time (usually an hour) and have to get back out. There will be clues in the room, and sometimes actors helping (or hindering) your escape.

Why a Doctor Who Escape Room?

Doctor Who is one of the biggest TV brands, it’s shown throughout the world and has a extensive, passionate fan base. I can imagine a lot of fans of the show would LOVE the idea of being thrown into the world of Doctor Who. With the right theming and storytelling, the Doctor Who Escape Room could be a massive success. Plus BBC Studios are very protective of their brand, and won’t allow anything half-cocked, it will have to be magnificent before the public get to see it. I’ve a feeling it will be incredible because the Creative Director at Escape Hunt is none other than Bradley Wynne who was, if you remember the lead creative on the Wicker Man ride! I am genuinely excited to see how a Doctor Who Escape Room will work with Bradley and his team behind it.

It seems that BBC Studios have had the thought of creating a Doctor Who Escape Room for a while, and the partnership with Escape Hunt is ideal. Mat Way, who is the Global Director of Live Entertainment at BBC Studios said –

“It has been a long-term ambition of the team to be able to bring about Doctor Who-themed escape rooms. Our main role here at BBC Studios is to continually extend the fans enjoyment of our brands, and so to be announcing six new live entertainment games across the country to fans is something really exciting.”

Richard Harpham, the CEO of Escape Hunt PLC added –

“Following the success of our original Escape Hunt games, we are thrilled to be partnering with BBC Studios to create Doctor Who – The Live Escape Game. Going on an Escape Hunt is all about stepping into and experiencing new worlds so strength in different genres is absolutely key to our content strategy.

Doctor Who represents the very best in British action adventure and has a loyal and dedicated fanbase that spans all generations. We look forward to bringing the show to life for all fans in its first ever live escape game experience at Escape Hunt venues across the UK.”

When can I try the Doctor Who Escape Room?

From December 2018 the themed rooms will be available in the Bristol Escape Hunt venue. From early 2019 further Doctor Who escape rooms will open in Birmingham, Leeds, Oxford and Reading.

Where can I find out more information?

You can visit Escape Hunt for further information and to register for news about tickets. Also, follow Escape Hunt UK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date with developments. I’ll keep an eye on developments too and share any news I have here – it’s definitely something I’d love to try too!

Have you ever done an Escape Room before? Are you excited about a Doctor Who Escape Room? Drop a comment below!

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