A few weeks ago I wrote about our Family Expansion Situation.. Well, our new Cavachon puppy is now here, and his name is Duggee Hakes!

He’s 9 weeks old, and on Wednesday Mrs H and I drove to Hartlepool to collect him. It was a VERY long day, with over 500 miles travelled. Thankfully little Duggee look it in his stride and spent most of the journey asleep. He didn’t seem phased by sitting in the ‘booster seat‘ we got him either, after a sniff or two he was settled.

The breeder had told us he’d be crate trained at night time. I was a bit concerned, I’d heard stories of crying pups, and new owners having to sleep on the floor. However just after 10pm on his first night, Duggee stepped into his crate and that was it – until just before 6.30am! He’s been exactly the same each night since too!

Duggee the Cavachon in his Bed
Duggee the Cavachon in his Bed

It’s been great having the little dude knocking about with me during the day. It’s akin to having a baby around – you have these periods of time when he’s awake. He needs lots of attention, play and love. Then, he has a nap for an hour or so. It means I get work done, and get some puppy breaks!

We’ve only had a few puddles in the house too – he’s very good at going out in the garden. There’s lots of praise when he does!

He’s a proper little character, he’s been looked after so well by the breeders. He’s used to being handled, and seems used to household noises. I’m so happy that he’s settled as well as he has.

Yesterday he met James for the first time. Duggee seemed a little confused by this small human. After a few strokes and some playing, Duggee snuggled up with him. It was the CUTEST thing. I can’t wait to see the adventures they have. I grew up with dogs, and I’m so excited we finally have one in our family.

James and Duggee have a play
James and Duggee have a play

It’s going to be a bit of a gear shift having responsibility of a Pup. Spontaneous days out have to be adapted in future – but Duggee is very much part of the family and will be included wherever possible.

Annnnnyway – little Duggee has awoken from his nap and wants playing with!

Oh – if you want to follow Duggee on Instagram.. You can!

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