We were invited to the launch night of Horror at Hinchingbrooke House in Huntington to have our first experience of this very popular scare attraction. It’s based around a bevy of popular Horror films and TV shows, and is a continuous hour long experience. We were given exclusive permission to film inside the mazes to give you a peek at what you might encounter along the way.

Some of the films and shows referenced include – It, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th, SAW, The Walking Dead, Halloween, Stranger Things and Beetlejuice (and MANY more)

If you want the experience to be a complete surprise, I’d recommend avoiding this video completely. Needless to say there are a LOT of scares, there are very few ‘dead spots’ it’s a very intense hour of scares, screams and FUN.

It’s only got a very limited run and it’s very likely to sell out – tickets are here – https://enterifyoudare.digitickets.co.uk/event-tickets/13907?catID=12587&

You can check out their Facebook here. The website is here.

I’d thoroughly recommend Horror at Hinchingbrooke House.

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