Warning – This post contains spoilers as to what is inside Room 13 at the House of Horror in Brentwood. If you don’t want to know, or are offended by colourful language, then I suggest you stop reading now..

What happens inside Room 13 at the House of Horror in Brentwood?

This is a question I’ve been asked a LOT over the past month or so. I’ve not really told anyone, because I didn’t want to spoil it, and also – it’s taken some time to process it all. I’ve had so many people asking publicly and privately what happens inside Room 13 at the House of Horror in Brentwood? I think it’s now time to tell you all. It’s as descriptive as I can be, so be prepared for nastiness..

Reading through the waiver you sign before you enter Room 13, it really gives them carte blanche to do whatever they like to you. There really doesn’t seem to be anything off limits, aside from a full on sexual assault. You are warned that anything could happen, and really – it does.

I was led into the corridor outside Room 13 with another participant – it was a woman from another group. A masked man came out and dragged her in.. I do mean DRAGGED. She screamed it wasn’t a scream followed by laughter – it was the scream of someone scared. As I stood, alone and waiting I could hear more cries and screams from inside Room 13. It was like being stood outside a room where people were in pain, being tortured or attacked. What happens inside Room 13 at the House of Horror isn’t too far off that. I waited, wondering what on earth was going on in there. The staff had repeatedly said not to go in.. I was starting to think I shouldn’t have.

Then, without warning I flew backwards – I was being dragged in by the hood of my hoodie. I was in Room 13 – it was dark, and the floor was wet. as I was dragged backwards, I nearly lost my footing on the wet floor. Just as I steadied myself, I was shoved into a wall.

“SIT DOWN!” the masked figure barked. His bright LED head torch shined into my eyes, blinding me.

I did as I was told.


There were straps either side of the seat – I fumbled around in the darkness trying to find the them.. My struggle wasn’t appreciated.


The anger in his voice didn’t help. I wasn’t able to get my hands in the fabric straps, the adrenaline was coursing through my veins – I fumbled around.


Between my fumbling, and his force, my hands finally got into the straps. He shuffled off. I looked around the room – I could make out the woman who went in before me strapped to the wall opposite. There was another man further across the room, with electrodes on him. It wasn’t easy to see much more – you could only see what was being illuminated by the head torches.

Without warning – ice cold water was sprayed into my face. There was a pause, I caught my breath. The water came again – the freezing temperature made me gasp – I inhaled the water. It felt like I was drowning. He poured more water over my head, I was drenched and gasping for breath.

Don't go inside Room 13 at the House of Horror!
Don’t go inside Room 13 at the House of Horror!

“How do you like that?” He asked

I didn’t want him to think he was breaking me.. “It’s er o-o-o–okay really..” I stammered

That was a stupid thing to do – he continued to soak me and make me struggle to breathe. It was as close to waterboarding as I ever wanted to get. He only stopped to refill his bottles, after what felt like a lifetime he shuffled off, and came back with something in his hand.

Along come the maggots

“PUT THESE IN YOUR MOUTH!” He forced his hand towards my mouth – I saw he had a handful of live, wriggling maggots. I opened my mouth and he stuffed them in. I could feel them wriggling inside my mouth, crawling on my tongue. I wanted them out of there. I knew if I spat them out, I’d be thrown out of Room 13. I swallowed them, the taste of them was disgusting, I just wanted them gone.


I nodded.


He shuffled off again, I assume to get some more. I looked at the woman opposite me. She didn’t look very particularly happy, she was soaked too. I heard her giggle nervously at her attacker.


She didn’t giggle again. It was shocking, I’d not heard someone speak to a woman like that before, and certainly not in a ‘horror experience’. It wasn’t just what he said – it was how it was said – with such anger an menace. From across the room I could hear the sound of a power tool, perhaps a drill, and the other man in there screaming. I couldn’t see what was happening to him, but the sound was horrific.


Another handful of maggots were thrust into my mouth. They wriggled around. I held my mouth shut. It was disgusting. He was watching intently for me to swallow. I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted.

He turned his back to watch the woman opposite me being taunted with water. I quickly spat all the maggots out, they wriggled down my hoodie. My tormenter clearly decided I wasn’t wet enough – he went back to the tap and filled his bottles. He’d seemingly forgotten about the maggots I was meant to be holding in my mouth as he sprayed the water into my face. That horrible ‘drowning’ feeling quickly returned.

The Locker Room

He pulled me up to my feet and growled something about a locker. He dragged me by the throat across to the room and pushed me into a locker. It was one of the lockers you’d see in a gym with the inside removed so a person could just about fit in. Thankfully, I’m not claustrophobic – If I was – this would be torture. The wooden walls squeezed me in, I couldn’t move. I just waited inside.

The locks had been removed so I peered out into the room. I couldn’t see the man who was last being attacked with a drill, but I could hear him. I think they were back to electrocuting him again. I heard “NO! NO! NO! SCREAM” as they zapped him. The woman who was opposite me seemed to be being fed crickets, or spiders. I couldn’t quite make it out. She wasn’t in a good way either, she sounded like she was sobbing, before eventually shouting ‘CODE RED'(the safe word) and being taken out of the room.

I stood in the locker for ten minutes – it felt like they’d forgotten me.. Then came the sound anyone familiar with scare mazes would recognise. A chainsaw.

They revved the chainsaw against the doors of the lockers. The sound made the wooden walls shake. It was deafening, I couldn’t cover my ears, my arms were down my side. The vibrations and sounds were so loud and unsettling. I knew they wouldn’t hurt me with a chainsaw, however the sound from it was getting too much.

I knew I could probably stand it for a little while longer, but also, what if I did? I’d be taken out, soaked, electrocuted, force fed god-knows what and taunted with power tools. It was at that point I realised – it REALLY wasn’t worth it. I really didn’t want to be abused for god knows how long, they let you out of Room 13 when they’ve done literally all they can to break you.


Everything went quiet.

Nothing happened.


The bolts on the locker were undone. I was expecting the abusers to snap out of character, and calmly walk me towards the door.


“WE’VE GOT A CODE RED PUSSY HERE!!” one of them shouted as he pulled me out of the lockers. I was dragged across the room again. My feet slipping and stumbling on the soaking floor. I was pushed through a door and ended up back where I’d started in the waiting area. I was soaked, dripping with red colouring. My trainers were sodden, I squelched as I walked. I felt proud I’d lasted longer than most. But really shook up about everything I’d witnessed.

Inside Room 13 at the House of Horror isn’t just about WHAT they do to you. It’s about HOW they do it to you. It’s done with malice, anger, and such viciousness you forget that this is meant to be fun. The environment plays a part too. You hear others in pain, and suffering, but you can’t see much. You’re constantly being blinded by the head lamps of the people in there. It’s a real assault on the senses as well as everything else. Plus, they don’t follow a set ‘routine’ some people get electrocuted to start with, others locked away.. Everyone seemed to be getting the waterboarding treatment though.

Am I glad I did it? Sort of. I think I’d have regretted not trying. I was prepared for them to do nasty things – however I wasn’t anywhere near prepared for the way in which it was dealt to me. I don’t think you can be. Inside Room 13 is a BAD place to be, and I imagine it will have REALLY disturbed some people. It’s probably the closest you’ll get to being tortured, and that REALLY isn’t a god thing.

When the tell you not to go inside Room 13 at the House of Horror – they really mean it.

Don’t go into Room 13.

Did you go in Room 13 at the House of Horror? What happened to you? Drop a comment

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