Hoooray! The UK Theme Parks are FINALLY open, and this is our first full trip of the season. It’s my birthday VERY soon, so as a little treat Vicki whisked me off to Alton Towers Resort. Join us as we explore the (very quiet) park, and take in our favourite rides. We then test out the finished Alton Towers Dungeon for the first time, (with a little footage on the inside too!).

I then take you on a tour of our Enchanted Lodge, before we bomb off to the Alton Towers Spa for a little wind-down, before heading off to the Rollercoaster Restaurant for dinner. We then spend a second day on par.. SORRY at the park, smashing through even more rides and checking out some of the new merchandise for 2019. There’s a LOT of rides, an interview with some Alton Towers regulars and even a rubber bum-ole. I’ve got literally everything covered!

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