As you approach the conclusion of your PhD program, your thoughts naturally turn to your dissertation. This important academic document is the culmination of your work as a student and also a key element in setting the path for your future. However, many UK students discover that their writing is sometimes inadequate to the task of producing an exceptional dissertation. A dissertation writing service can be particularly helpful in overcoming the challenges of developing and formatting a superior dissertation, but with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know how best to select a dissertation writing service that will help you to achieve your goals effectively.

That is why we have a list of ten criteria that will help you to choose a dissertation writing service in the UK. Let us review some of the essentials for selecting the best dissertation writing service for you.

1 – A Service Local to the UK. Many students who contract with a custom dissertation writing service assume that every service around the world can produce identical results. But this isn’t the case. You want to find a service that is local in the UK for a number of reasons. Most importantly, you need a service that is accountable, available, and familiar with British academic conventions.
2 – A Service with UK Writers. The English language may be the closest we have to a lingua franca, but that does not mean that English is the same around the world. Choosing a service with British writers will help to ensure that your dissertation is written in proper British English with all of the conventions and requirements of formatting text using UK conventions.
3 – A Service with No Plagiarism. Plagiarism is the fastest path toward a premature end to your dissertation path. In order to avoid this fate, you should look for a service that guarantees that its products are free from plagiarism and provides a clear discussion of how it reviews, checks for, and avoid plagiarism.
4 – A Service with Educated Writers. It may go without saying, but a dissertation requires an educated writer in order to produce it effectively. Any service that cannot provide proof that its writers hold advanced degrees will be highly unlikely to produce the best quality dissertation.
5 – A Service with Experienced Writers. On a similar note, a dissertation service should have experienced writers who have produced dissertations in the past, preferably their own. A writer who has written a dissertation successfully in the past will be more likely to produce an effective dissertation for you when you need one written.
6 – A Service with Subject Matter Experts. Possessing an advanced degree and having written a dissertation are important qualifications, but these qualifications are rendered ineffective if the writer does not have expertise in your subject. For example, a PhD in economics is unlikely to have the same expertise in musicology. Look for a service that is able to match you with a writer who possesses expertise in a subject closely related to your own.
7 – A Service with a Revision Policy. All sales are definitely not final when it comes to dissertation writing, and you should be sure that any service that you contract with should have a policy governing how and when revisions are allowed. If the service should make an error, for example, you want to be sure it can be corrected without penalty to you.
8 – A Service with a Money-Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the resulting dissertation and are unable to resolve problems with it via the revision process, your service should be willing to refund your money in order to make right any problems that remain outstanding.
9 – A Service with Effective Customer Service. When you have questions or concerns, you need to be sure that someone will be able to answer them. In selecting a service to use, you should look for one that promises live customer service, preferably by phone, in order to be sure that you can have your inquiries and concerns addressed quickly and expeditiously.
10 – A Service with Affordable Pricing. Pricing is one of the largest concern areas for students, but it is also an area where bargain-hunting can produce inferior results. Choose a service that has affordable pricing, but not the absolute lowest price. Remember, the less you pay, the less the writer receives. You want to be sure that the writer is compensated fairly in order to ensure that the writer has sufficient incentive to produce high-quality work.

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