In this extended Vlog we document a 3 day, 2 night stay at the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers Resort. Join us on our journey to the park, exploring the Enchanted Village and Alton Towers Hotel. We planted a birthday surprise for James in the enchanted Lodge too!

The next day we’re in the theme park itself, making full use of our Early Ride Time and Platinum Fastrack. Because of James’ height, we’re not smashing through all the BIG rollercoasters, but we cover pretty much everything a human that is 127cm tall can do. There’s even two rides on the iconic Wicker Man, with some actual ON-RIDE footage from Marcus at Coaster Touring / Ride & Park Media. DON’T film on rides kids, you might get thrown out.

After a crazy day in the park we stop for dinner at the AMAZING Rollercoaster Restaurant, where there’s ANOTHER Birthday surprise, delivered by Rollercoaster! We also explore the new Stargazing Pods and TiPi too!

The following day, there’s no rest for the wicked, we’re up for a game of Extraordinary Golf. Then it’s back to the theme park to pick up a Birthday surprise for James.. We were told to visit the Sharkbait Reef shop to find out what it was.. You’ll have to wait and see! Then we head to the Alton Towers Waterpark for some water park fun, and collecting ALL the tokens in the Arcade!


This vlog took a LOT of time to film, and edit – especially blurring out James’ school jumper – never done that before. Never want to do it again! I’m getting used to filming on the GoPro Hero 7 Black and I REALLY love the quality, crank it up to 4k on here if you can – it looks LUSH!

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Big love to Eve, Séana, Jamie and Jacquès at Alton Towers for being so flipping awesome. Thank you to the incredibly talented Marcus Gaines for his Wickerman footage, Nick Hutson for my music, and BenSound.com for the music I used on the Sky Ride Hyperlapse!

I’ll be back soon for more vlogging fun.. But for now.. Cya!

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