Travelling takes a great deal of planning and preparation, especially when you are going on an outdoor vacation with family or friends. This is especially true if you have never been on a camping trip before. However, if you are a seasoned camper, you may find it easier to prepare for your vacation and you may even be in a place where you are willing and able to try new things. 

Cutting down on expenses is always a priority which is why this article is all about suggesting the use of a portable solar panel system when you go on your next outdoor vacation. There are many benefits to this option such as reducing expenses on energy costs, being able to provide power to your campsite to prepare food, heat up water, and provide light in the dark. There are many benefits to being able to generate your own power by utilizing the sun.

 If you have never used portable solar panels before, be sure to read as much helpful information as you can before you go on your trip. Otherwise, keep reading as this article will explain in greater detail why you should take advantage of bringing along a portable solar panel system with you when you vacation outdoors.

  • Comfort. Believe it or not, a small solar panel that is portable can do wonders for making your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If you are not keen on the heat or insects flying around your campsite, simply connect your solar panel to a fan and you will be able to cycle the air and keep insects at bay. 
  • Listen to music or watch tv. A small, portable solar panels can provide enough energy to power a small radio or even a television. The solar panels are quite a novel invention as they allow for greater enjoyment of modern technology while still being able to take in the serenity of the outdoors.

Besides listening to the radio for music purposes, some consumers dedicate a solar panel specifically to track weather while they are camping. Doing so can help them prepare should the weather turn bad. 

  • Charge your electronics. In this day and age, it is uncommon to leave your home without a smartphone or a cell phone. While you are camping in the woods, chances are that you will not have access to electricity that is readily available to you. This can make it hard to charge the batteries of your smartphone, iPad, or other devices. However, you can use a portable solar panel to recharge your electronic equipment so you won’t have to be without your device.. 
  • Troubleshoot car problems. Let’s imagine that you have been camping all week with family and friends and you have had a wonderful time. The vacation is coming to a close and you are preparing to leave the campsite to go home with your family. The only problem is that your car will not start. Typically, this dilemma could cause one to be anxious and perplexed about how they are going to recharge their car battery. The good news is that there are portable solar panels on the market that are small enough to be transported on a vacation, but are powerful enough to give your car engine the spark that it needs to start. A helpful piece of advice is to be sure to calculate the charge time before you connect your car to the solar panel. It is important to make sure that your solar panel has plenty of stored energy to be used on a car battery.
  • Create backup power for your RV. If you are not one to camp in a tent in the great outdoors with wildlife, you may consider investing in a RV. Owning a RV is quite a privilege as it allows you to enjoy the outdoors on your terms. Once you are done with being outside and one with nature, you can step into your home on wheels and enjoy the calmness of the space. Bringing a portable solar panel system along with you allows for an extra level of relaxation as you don’t have to worry about losing power to your RV. You can utilize the solar panels to regenerate energy and convert it into usable power. No longer will you need to worry about running out of hot water or not being able to prepare a meal because you don’t have enough power to make a meal on your stove.


Camping is a favourite pastime for many, as spending time in the outdoors is an activity that families have enjoyed for centuries. However, camping can be a fun activity until you run out of power. To avoid running out of power, many are choosing to invest in a portable solar panel charging system. Doing so will ensure that you will not be without power at any given time throughout your outdoor vacation.

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