Today is our second day at Bluestone National Park Resort in 2019, and after a bit of a lazy morning, we jump into the Golf Buggy to explore something BRAND NEW. The Serendome opened a few months ago, and we were keen to see just what it looks like. It really is incredible. Such a clever idea that allows families to have more ‘Free Range Fun’, but also offers protection from North Wales’ unpredictable weather.

I was blown away by the Serendome, and I imagine we’ll spend lots more time here before we go home!

We went to explore Camp Smokey, but that went a little wrong, so we retreated to the pub to drown our sorrows. We finished the day up with an amazing meal at the Farmhouse Grill. What a wonderful place Bluestone is.

Anyway, watch, and enjoy!

Bluestone have kindly gifted us our stay, and some Premium WiFi so I can upload these vlogs quickly – the rest is paid for by us.

Just remember, these vlogs are made on the fly, they might not be as polished as normal vlogs – but it seems to have turned out okay!

Music by – Nick Hutson Music
Incidental Music –

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