It seems that there are plans afoot to remove Rameses Revenge at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, and replace it with a brand new ride. Rameses Revenge has been at the resort for 24 years now, and one of the oldest rides there. I remember when it first opened – I’d never been on a ride like it – it was INSANE! I’ve even got a ‘ride photo’ from 1997 – it originally had a sweeping camera that took a picture of guests as the ride stopped. You can giggle at my hair – it’s fine.

In recent years it has been plagued by extended periods of downtime and maintenance, plus it’s been the centre of several news stories where it’s broken down. The Huss Topspin is a brilliant ride – but they are complex beasts under a lot of mechanical strain. Alton Towers removed their version of it, ‘Ripsaw’ several years ago now, and the area that it occupied has stood empty – aside from a few ‘pay per play’ games.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort doesn’t plan to just remove Rameses Revenge and leave an empty space. They have submitted an application to Kingston Council to redevelop the area where Rameses Revenge stands. Meaning that one new ride might arrive, and another existing ride will be moved

What will be replacing Rameses Revenge?

Chessington World of Adventures Resort have put in plans for a new ‘Drop Tower’ ride to replace Rameses Revenge. It looks to be a similar ride system to Magma at Paultons Park which is a Twisting Drop Tower by SBF Group. The plans suggest that the ride will extend 22m above the ground, with the ride starting nearly 3.5m underground. The Circular Gondola will hold 16 guests – The gondola will be lifted to the top of the tower, and then released to free-fall.

The new ride proposed for Chessington looks to be similar to Magma at Paultons Park – Image by Paultons Park

It’s not just your typical Drop Tower – the ride will be themed around a ‘mythical crocodile’ called ‘Sobeck’ The drop tower will be encased by his 12m tall mouth!

The ride incorporates fountains to spray water at the riders as they drop into the themed tunnel, and the ride will incorporate various sound, lighting, water and smoke effects which will enhance the narrative for both riders and spectators of the attraction.

Sounds fun!

The height restriction on Magma at Paultons Park is 1.1m – so if Sobeck’s ride is similar – we could see the same height restriction here – which is perfect for slightly bigger kids! They have asked to remove 41 existing trees to build the new ride but will replace those with 138 new trees.

The planning application states –

The replacement ride design will create an immersive, unique experience for riders. The materials and appearance have been deliberately chosen to present an aged and rustic mystical appearance to correspond with the theming of the proposed drop tower and the surrounding Egyptian themed area.

In terms of materials to be used, the main tower element of the ride will be constructed using steel. The crocodile head will be constructed using sprayed concrete cover to match the proposed theming. The base of the ride will be constructed from a steel support frame with anti-slip flooring.

A new entrance portal is proposed at the ride entrance to create a more elaborate sense of arrival to the new ride. This will measure 5 m (height) x 8.8 m (width) and will incorporate the ride logo. Fencing is also proposed to enclose the attraction and navigate guests through the queue line areas.

Below are a few images of the plans from the Kingston Planning Portal – They include a ‘materials’ plan that gives an idea of the theming and colours and two ‘sections’ of the site.

You can see all the drawings on the planning application.

What ride is moving to make way for Sobeck’s Drop Tower?

To accommodate the new ride that might be replacing Rameses Revenge they need to move the popular ‘Flying Jumbos’ ride. The new ride and queue line will encroach onto the area that it currently occupies and the land vacated by the Flying Jumbos ride will be planted to create a grassed area surrounded by new landscape planting.

The planning application states that it will be moving to the ‘Land of the Dragons’. Although the plans suggest it will actually be moved next to the ‘Tiny Truckers’ ride, which is where the carousel used to be (which currently has a pay-per-play quad bike track). The Flying Jumbos did actually used to reside close to this area when it was part of ‘Toytown’, and the Tiny Truckers were once the ‘Toytown Truckers’ (I think!?). I’m not sure if they will alter the boundaries of the ‘Land of the Dragons’ and make the Flying Jumbos into Flying Dragons instead? The place where it is going is next to Land of the Dragons, but the entrance won’t be. I guess time will tell!

Below is the proposed new location of the Flying Jumbos.

Will Rameses Revenge DEFINITELY be going?

Well – I think yes, it will be leaving Chessington World of Adventures Resort at some point. However, these are just proposed plans at the moment. There is every probability they will be alter, withdrawn, or rejected altogether. Obviously they would LIKE to build Sobeck’s Drop Tower, and have spent a lot of cash on putting an application together, but Kingston Council can refuse the application.

I remember seeing plans for a drop tower ride at Chessington many years ago, and those didn’t come to anything. No matter what, I don’t imagine Chessington will keep Rameses Revenge for many more seasons. It’s definitely not as popular as it once was.

I’d love to see these plans come to life – but we’ll just have to wait and see! I’ll keep an eye on the application and update with any developments!

What do you think of this new ride for Chessington? Drop a comment below!

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