Movies are not just a mode of entertainment anymore but an endearing spirit of art that we have adopted in our busy modern lives. It’s quite a big year, especially for comic book movies. If you are planning a pop up cinema hire, here are the best movies of 2019 so far that you can enjoy with family and friends.

  1. Avengers: End Game

The epic conclusion of the Marvel’s multiverse cinematic saga, the last instalment of the Avengers movie franchise, was much more than the comic book characters. From the demise of the Iron Man, Tony Stark to the inclusion of Captain Marvel in the Avengers, there are a lot more than just a few surprises that the action-packed blockbuster of all times has for you in 2019.

  1. Burning

A masterpiece written and directed by Lee Chang-dong, Burning, is based on a short story by Haruki Muraki. The story encircles a young man Lee Jong-su who gets into a relationship with a girl. Set near the border between North and South Korea, the film becomes a harrowing mystery when the girl Lee love interest returns with a more worldly and richer boy after a mysterious journey. How the story unravels is for you to find out, but it is one of the best 2019 movies.

  1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Going big for his 2019’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, director Quentin Tarantino cast the biggest names that include Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Playing two aspiring TV stars who want to succeed in the film industry of the late 60s Los Angeles, the story is based around the murders by the Manson family members. The prediction of a full-blown war led by racial tension by the end of the 60s by Charles Manson, this film has all the elements that make a classic Tarantino movie.

  1. Vice

After the success of his 2008 recession based drama, The Big Short, director Adam McKay is back with a comedy biopic of arguably the most powerful Vice President ever, Dick Cheney. A dark, funny take on the traumatic history period, the movie stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams. The nihilistic movie is one of the best of 2019 flicks and earned itself the Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. Ask your home cinema party hire for Vice this year.

  1. Toy Story 4

A competent entry for outdoor cinema, Toy Story 4, is another huge hit of the franchisee that started almost 25 years ago. Kids will love Andy’s toy collection that is torn between helping their new child, Bonnie, with her kindergarten and making friends. Bonnie makes a new toy at school, ‘Forky,’ who thinks of himself as garbage and eludes the domestic environment, it falls upon the other toys to safely retrieve him for Bonnie.

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

We love the sequel of 2017’s Homecoming, which is set after the Avengers: Endgame storyline. Making a perfect movie for pop up cinema hire UK , the Far From Home sees Peter Parker holidaying in Europe to spend some time trying to woo Mary Jane. But what’s awaiting him there is a surprise. Elementals, the extradimensional humanoids, crash his vacations, and he’s joined by Mysterio(Jake Gyllenhaal) to deal with the situation.

  1. High Life

Hurtling towards a black hole are the lone survivors of a mission to reach the outer solar system, Monte (Robert Pattison), and his baby daughter. Not a sci-fi but an extremely high art masterpiece, High Life was touted as “An Old Testament parable catapulted forward into the 23rd century, a primal scene in a pressurised cabin of sci-fi pessimism, suppressed horror and denied panic,” by The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw.

  1. Captain Marvel

The latest inclusion in team Avenger, Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, is one of the best movies in 2019 that you must watch. Starting with the 70s setting when Nick Fury was young, Captain Marvel is a must-watch for Avengers’ fans.

  1. Booksmart

We end our list with the fantastic coming of age comedy about school kids who are just about to go off to college but not without a party. Sounds familiar, right? A more diverse representation of an overused school life theme, this movie will make you remember your freshman year.


The year 2019 is almost coming to an end, still there are some major releases waiting to woo the audience. But don’t let the entertainment stop as there are already plenty of awesome movies of 2019 that you can’t miss.

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