Online gambling, online sports betting and online casino are all thriving industries right now, all playing (and paying) into the fact that gambling at has never been more popular and more accessible.

In the UK, billions of pounds goes into the online gambling industry every year, with the popularity of the pastime growing and growing. With a wide demographic that attracts both gamblers and gamers young and old, across hobbies like poker and other casino classics, or indeed the huge business that is sports betting, online gambling is showing no sign of running out players.

However, for all the fuss about online gambling in certain countries, the likes of UK, France and The Netherlands included in that, there are actually some countries where online casino is illegal. It seems hard to believe when you consider how many people believe to be having a harmless flutter every now and then, but with issues like gambling addiction on the rise, too, it is perhaps less of a surprise that over governments are yet to make the industry legal in their states.

Where is online casino illegal? Well, perhaps across more nations than you think, it is an illegal offence to place a bet online. Here are some of the said countries.

Countries where online casino is illegal –
• Brunei
• Kuwait
• Lebanon
• North Korea
• Qatar
• Singapore
• United Arab Emirates

The religion of Islam deems gambling to be sinful and as such, countries that are Islam states often outlaw the pastime. For example, Brunei, a tiny country in Asia off of the South China Sea, has a number of laws which we in the West may deem as a little dated. Although they have free health care for their 428,000 or so citizens, strict laws on homosexuality and indeed online gambling are in place.

Perhaps an unsurprising addition to the list of nations where online casino is illegal, is North Korea. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is infamously a state run by dictatorial rule, with strict laws on privacy and public information. Amongst the many things outlawed in North Korea – of which speaking with Donald Trump clearly isn’t one – online gambling is illegal. So, do not expect to see Supreme leader, Kim Jong-un making an in-play bet on Wolverhampton Wanderers to score the next goal anytime soon.

Interestingly, Qatar is another nation in which online gambling is illegal. This is particularly intriguing as, in 2020, the FIFA World Cup will be played in the oil-rich country. With football betting of course being one of the most popular and money-making parts of the online gambling industry, not just in the UK but across so much of the world, it will be very interesting to see how the tournament plays out.

Least of all because of the extreme heat and specially built stadiums that are being frantically erected in Qatar at the moment, as the country prepares to not only host but also feature in it’s first ever World Cup.

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