I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never visited Dreamland Margate before! Margate isn’t too far from me and has some super fun rides. I’ve promised myself that I will visit soon – perhaps Screamland 2019 will tempt me down – because it looks bloody marvellous! The cool kids at Dreamland have sent me through a press release which I’ve dissected and put into my ‘Everything you need to know’ form. I can’t offer much insight into the mazes, because I’ve not been, but I can guide you through everything else!

What’s happening at Screamland 2019?

The press release declares –

“One of the UK’s best scarefests returns to Margate this October, with new faces, new maze locations and new terrors in store for brave souls who dare to enter the park after dark.”

Sounds good! For Screamland 2019, Dreamland have team up with an icon of British Horror – Hammer Films. Hammer is one of the oldest names in British cinema and they are Horror pioneers – these are the people you want to work with on scare mazes!

“The Woman In Black has been spotted lurking in Arlington Car Park, and more gruesome figures are expected to start appearing on park”

Dreamland will also be open during the October Half Term with its family-friendly Get Spooked activities and entertainment suitable for all ages (and bravery levels). ‘Ride Only’ tickets will also be available for Screamland for who want to soak up the Halloween atmosphere and enjoy unlimited ride access but don’t fancy their chances inside the scare mazes.

How much does the Screamland 2019 cost?

If you want to book tickets in advance for Screamland 2019 you will save a little bit of money. There are 3 types of tickets –

– Standard (From £25 in advance / £27 on the day) : This gives you access to the mazes and access to the rides
– Fast Track (From £40 in advance / £45 on the day) : This gives you fast track access to the mazes and access to the rides
– Rides Only (From £15 in advance / £15.50 on the day) : This doesn’t need explanation!

Each Screamland 2019 ticket allows you ONE entry into each of our scare mazes. If you wish to enter a maze again, you can purchase a ‘Maze Only’ ticket on the day at the park for an additional cost per maze.

When is Screamland 2019 on?

Screamland 2019 takes place between 6-11 pm on –
• Friday 18th October
• Saturday 19th October
• Friday 25th October
• Saturday 26th October
• Thursday 31st October
• Friday 1st November

Will you meet Lady Eleanor at Screamland 2019
What’s on the Screamland 2019 Lineup?

There are FIVE mazes at Screamland 2019, the first is a BRAND NEW maze for 2019. As I mentioned above I’ve not done any of the mazes before I can’t offer any commentary on them!

Dont look away, or turn your back, you might be surprised by the Woman in Black
Dont look away, or turn your back, you might be surprised by the Woman in Black
Hammer House of Horror

The Woman in Black has come to Dreamland – can you escape her terrible curse? Step inside the legendary Bray Studios and into the spotlight of Hammer Films’ latest blockbuster. But watch out – those rumours that the Studios are haunted might just be true. Be prepared to come face-to-face with some of horror’s most infamous monsters and the haunting figure of the Woman in Black. This brand-new maze is a must for horror film fans – as long as you have nerves of steel.

Condemned Carnival

Roll up, roll up for the grossest show on earth – Festino reveals what’s behind the curtain of the Condemned Carnival, but be careful not to become part of his next sideshow. Everybody loves a clown – and these ones are coming for you.

The Brotherhood

The year is 1666, plague and fire are ravaging the city… but that’s the least of your problems – The Brotherhood are back..! Little is known about the eerie order of monks, but they are seeking new disciples for their new world order – that is, if you survive initiation.

Beware of The Brotherhood at Screamland 2019
Beware of The Brotherhood at Screamland 2019

Climb aboard the ill-fated Mary Rose and find yourself plunged into the icy depths of a chilling ghost story that will leave your blood running cold. There will be no saving you on this doomed voyage of the damned.

The Sleep Experiment 2

The first Sleep Experiment has failed, the facility is in lockdown, and security forces are battling an army of deprived and deranged test subjects. Venture into the bowels of this grim research facility and remember… Don’t. Close. Your. Eyes.

Anything else happening at Screamland 2019?

Dreamland Margate has some wonderful rides – there’s some fairly common ones you’d find in other places. Then there are some really cute and unique rides – especially the Scenic Railway. The Scenic Railway is the oldest rollercoaster in the UK – it’s a piece of ride history. I love that there are some more traditional rides too – they aren’t things you really see any more (outside of Carters Steam Fair for example!).

Hmm – the more I think about it, the more I think I should try and get down to Screamland 2019!

Have you been before? What’s Screamland like? Let me know in the comments!

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