Having welcomed around 19.1 million international visitors this year, Paris now ranks an impressive second in the list of the world’s most visited cities.

Most random surveys also indicate that millions of people outside France consider Paris as their dream destination if ever granted a chance. But what is this fuss about Paris all about? You may wonder.

Well, many people mention the beautiful vista associated with spectacular architecture and historic buildings. Yet others note that the social life and the culture that dominates the city is what stands out.  However, even for those who’ve been to Paris, there’re interesting facts they may have missed out on their first visit.

So how much do you know about Paris, besides, well, the Eiffel Tower? Here are some interesting facts about Paris you should know before visiting.

  1. The Notre Dame Cathedral Has More 13 Million Annual Visitors 13 Centuries Later

Well, this was until April this year. The Notre-Dame Cathedral remains to be one of the most iconic monuments in Paris. This is despite the recent fire that almost run down this iconic work of art.

Did you know that the cathedral’s altar and the pipe organs did not suffer any damage following this fire?  Notre-Dame remains a significant tourist attraction with estimations, suggesting that it may take over $ 1 billion to restore the cathedral’s glory after the fire damage.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral’s famous bell has a name. Visitors refer to the bell as Emmanuel, and it weighs a whopping 13 tons. This means that the bell weighs 22.60 times the weight of a Grizzly Bear.

The bell is sounded during specific catholic holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or following the death of a Pope.  The Notre –Dame Cathedral and the bell stand out as some of the most interesting facts about Paris.

  1. Paris Was Named After the Parisii Tribe

You undoubtedly didn’t know this, did you? The Celtic tribe, Parisii, took over the city in the 3rd century and fortified Paris along the banks of the Seine. The tribe would later succumb to the Roman army in 52BC.

The Romans briefly established a Gallo-Roman garrison in Paris after the ouster of the Parisii tribe. Paris was later Christianized after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

  1. There Is A Statue Of Liberty In Paris 

Americans will doubt this, but it is true. The smaller version of the Statue of Liberty was inaugurated in the year 1889 and is a replica of the main monument in America.

Paris’s version of the Statue of Liberty is located on the Pont de Grenelle and faces the American original Statue of Liberty. According to reliable sources, the statue symbolizes the friendship between France and the United States.

  1. Did You Know There Was A Love-Locks Bridge in Paris?

The love locks bridge was a significant fascination for millions of honeymooners until recently. Sweethearts would assemble at the bridge to lock padlocks as symbolism of the love for each other. If you did not get the chance to lock that padlock, it might be too late for you.

The authorities recently removed the locks, citing safety reasons. Until this decision was made, there were nearly one million padlocks weighing well over 45 tones attached to the bridge. According to the authorities, these emblematic locks had become a significant health hazard to the public.

  1. There Is Only One Stop Sign in Paris

You must have heard this before, but it always sounds like breaking news. Imagine such a busy city with only one stop sign. The only stop sign you’ll ever find in Paris is located on the affluent 16th arrondissement.

If you are a first-time driver in Paris, do not go looking for a stop sign you won’t get one. Motorists are advised to give priority to the traffic coming from the right. The next time you visit Paris, you may need to get your oncoming traffic priorities in check before ending up in trouble.

  1. 200,000 Euros Is the Standard Cost a Taxi License In Paris

You may be thinking, this is not your ordinary job, right? Well, the taxi business is an expensive venture in France and forms one of the interesting facts about Paris. Without a cool 200,000 Euros, you can’t operate as a taxi-driver in Paris.

Pundits note that this is a way of regulating the taxi business, considering that such an amount is not easily attainable. But most people rate taxi drivers in Paris as being some of the most professional in their work the world over.

  1. The Catacombs Are Still Accessible To Visitors

Imagine visiting the tombs of more than seven million Parisians arranged artfully along underground subterranean pathways. Well, visiting Paris gives you a rare opportunity to see the graveyards of millions of victims who died during the revolution.

While these Catacombs have limited access, we can guarantee you privileged access to one of the most sobering historical facts about Paris. You’ll have the chance to visit the chilling deaths empire and the empire of the dead. Whether attending alone or as a group, you’ll learn about the catacombs in one of the best tours you’ll ever take.

  1. There Are 6100 Streets in Paris 

This must be fascinating. If you are a first time visitor in Paris, there is a high likelihood of getting lost in some of these streets. The Rue de Vaugirard is the longest street in the city, covering a stretch of more than 4.3 kilometres.

If visiting Paris for the first time, you may need to know the specific streets you’ll be visiting. Noting down key landmarks may save you the embarrassment of having to ask for directions after every turn.

  1. Trees Form Part of the Interesting Facts about Paris

You read it right. There are 470 000 trees in Paris. And this is not even the best part. One rather fascinating and interesting fact about Paris and the trees within the city is that every single tree is documented.

Yes, there are roles allocated to government employees to measure and reference each tree in the city consistently. Paris has some of the most diverse collections of trees compared to other cities globally.

You Must Be Raring To Go, And You Won’t Regret The Experience.

Now that you know new and fascinating facts about Paris, you are ready to go, seeing is believing. Your next trip to Paris must seek to explore these interesting facts about Paris by visiting places such as the catacombs. You’ll derive immense pleasure from the experience in the city of lights.

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