The cool kids at Canal Toys asked if it would be okay if they could send James a box of toys for him to check out.

When the box arrived we started the camera, investigated the contents and decided to play with a few of the items. We were immediately drawn to the So Magic DIY Wonder Magic Garden, so watch us as we crack it open and start to play…

We try and keep these vlogs as ‘real’ as possible, there was no real preparation, I hadn’t even glanced at the instructions (other to find the things we’d need). As you can see, it doesn’t all go to plan.. James ends up on the floor, I end up with my eyelids inside out, there are some slime bubbles too!  It’s a slightly more relaxed and chatty vlog, and we actually manage to create a very magical Garden, with a great timelapse of the magic happening!

We had a lot of fun making this, and we’ll be back at some point playing with some of the other Canal Toys goodies. Plus we might have a little giveaway too – so stay tuned for details of that!

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