The office environment plays a critical role in employee productivity. Unfortunately, some people are discouraged by the cost of redesigning their workplace to be a modern, attractive space for clients and those who work there. You can easily lift the mood of your employees and clients by transforming your space into a modern workplace without spending a fortune. 

Introduce an Open Plan Layout

Is your office space becoming too small, yet you don’t have the finances to move to a bigger area? Instead of relocating, create an open plan layout. The size of your space doesn’t matter when it comes to creating a modern workplace. An open design is one of the features of a modern workplace.

An open plan makes the workplace roomier and more comfortable for clients and employees. It also improves efficiency since the employees have the space to move comfortably and work as a team.

Introduce break-out spaces

Break-out spaces are rooms used by employees who need a break from their desks. Many modern workplaces have these rooms to help employees rejuvenate, especially if they have demanding jobs that need absolute concentration and creativity.

These rooms can also be used as informal settings for meeting clients. Some clients easily decide to sign contracts based on how relaxed they feel when in your office. Creating an area where computers and a desk don’t get in the way of a meaningful one on one discussion can come in handy when you least expect it.

The advantage of having such a room is you are free to design it as you wish. It can be more colourful than the ordinary office space.

Brand your workspaces

For a long time, most businesses limited branding to websites, advertisement material, products, and vehicles. Today, most modern workspaces provide marketing opportunities. Use your company’s primary colours when painting the walls. This way you can market your company, while at the same time create an attractive space at an affordable price.

Use attractive rugs and colourful throw pillows 

The emphasis on the modern workplace is not just about formality, but comfort too. Adding stylish area rugs that don’t cover the entire floor is an excellent way of separating large spaces, especially in an open office plan. For example, you can have a rug where clients sit as they wait.

Patterned colourful rugs bring life to an otherwise bland room. You don’t have to go to top-notch store for these rugs. Some thrift stores have attractive rugs that look great once they are dry cleaned. Bright Colored throw pillows are great for aesthetics. The colours on your walls and the rugs pop even more when you use attractive throw pillows. These pillows come in various styles and shades.

There are several ways in which you can inexpensively modernize your workplace. All it requires is a little creativity that will improve the mood and productivity of the employees. When people enjoy their workspaces, the quality of service offered improves significantly. It is also essential to consider the effect the changes will have on your clients.

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