There are two types of jackpot slots, a non progressive or fixed slot or a progressive slot.

A non progressive fixed slot can be won by landing on specific symbols, they are more of a traditional slot machine and can be viewed as safer to play. There is little strategy required, however, as the risk is lower the pay out won’t be as lucrative as a progressive slot machine.

A progressive slot machine guarantees more of an adrenaline rush and although there is no guarantee of a pay out it can require a little strategy to win. As the name suggests a progressive slot machine progressively grows the jackpot the more people who play. With more bets and spins at there is more money added to the jackpot, however, there is less chance of winning then on a non progressive fixed slot machine but when the pay out does come through it can be a very rewarding pay out.

Once the jackpot is won and the payout has happened the progressive slot machine resets itself to its minimum amount but bear in mind that this could still be thousands or even millions of pounds.  Typically a progressive slot machine win occurs between three and six months and this is where the player can adapt their strategy and monitor the game to the point where it may be close to paying out again.

The random number generator, which is available on most slot machines, plays a pivotal role. Its main purpose is to ensure that the odds of each spin are entirely independent so the longer the player plays the slot machine it won’t necessarily increase their chances of winning and vice versa.

As always the higher the jackpot pay out on any slot machines, non progressive fixed or progressive, the lower the pay out.

On a non progressive fixed regular slot machine the player could win 500 x their bet regardless of the amount they have placed, however, progressive jackpots are the slot machines to play if you want to potentially walk away with millions. That said the non progressive fixed regular slot machines are less of a risk, safer to play and won’t let you down. You’ll have a much better chance of winning too.

In summary, if you are a beginner then perhaps stick to the non progressive fixed slot machines where you can literally play and win without a huge gamble and risk but less of an adrenaline rush, of course, which may not suit the player, however, this is a good starter until the player is a little more confident and has worked out a strategy. If, however, you have played before and are a bit of an expert playing slot machines then head for the progressive version of a slot machine and monitor it and strategise in order to get that big win remembering at all times it could be worth millions.

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