These days the online slot market has grown to such an extent that rivalry is rife between developers and casino sites, leading to an ultra competitive market that has a whole load of positives for us hardy gamblers. For instance, do you really think the level of online slots at would be so high if it were not for developers constantly trying to one up each other?

Moreover, there has been a stark increase in online casino sites over the last few years, and therefore these platforms must also seek to entice as many customers as possible. Subsequently there are now countless slot offers to keen an eye on across the market as these companies attempt to make themselves look as attractive as possible. A savvy gambler could save a lot of money with just a bit of research here, let’s take a look at some of the different types of offers currently available. 

Deposit Offer 

In order to play slots with actual money you will almost always have to deposit cash to your chosen online casino site before spinning the reels. This is an incredibly simple process, much akin to paying for a product online like you normally would, however, it definitely pays off not to go storming in on the decision. A little bit of further exploration could go a long way.

And this is because there are countless online casino sites nowadays that can offer you some kind of monetary contribution in exchange for depositing on their site. This is, more often than not, given as a one lump sum present, however it can also work in differing ways. For instance, Coral is giving a bonus of £50 when you deposit £10 – cannot argue with that now can you?

Other sites will match your deposit up to a certain amount, and these could end up being the most lucrative depending on the real you find. Places like Leo Vegas offer 100% back up to £400, which means that after depositing £400 you would find yourself with £800 to actually gamble with. Some places also offer cash back on anything you spend, however this seems like a bit of a novelty to us. 

Free Spins Offer 

Something that will often happen in conjunction with a standard monetary deposit offer is also some kind of free spin bonus. This is definitely a slot offer to keen an eye on – free spins could end up being many times more financially beneficial than a simple gift of £100. And just imagine the feeling of winning a big jackpot off of a free spin, priceless.

The aforementioned Leo Vegas, for instance, offer 100 free spins along with their normal deposit bonus, a really rather generous offer. It is genuinely rare to find a free spin offer quite that good, you are usually looking at 10 or 20. Here’s the thing though, it is very important to remember that, whilst a casino might have tantalizing offers, it may not actually have much in the way of winnable games. So be careful! 

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