In what is quite a different vlog for me, this video will show you how I built my PC to allow me to stream on Twitch. I have a channel that streams every weekday from 9am (UK Time) on Whilst the stream isn’t particularly demanding (we chat, and play some games) my existing rig really wasn’t up for the job. So I used my Twitch Dollars to pay for some upgrades.

Have you recently upgraded your computer, or built your own PC – do let me know in the comments what you went for. I’m finding the whole world of PC building fascinating!

This vlog shows me installing all the components and building the machine. If you’ve never looked inside a computer or built your own PC, this is a good starting point. You can also check the best wide monitor reviews from and choose affordable ones for your computer. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. I really believe anyone can build a computer, and hopefully, this will help you along the way!

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