Travel can be a fantastic and valuable experience but it can also be incredibly expensive. While you will find that it will always cost money to travel, you should also be aware that there are a handful of brilliant destinations all around the world which do not have to break the bank when it comes to travel, accommodation, food and drink, entertainment and various other costs. Remember – if you’re going on a walking holiday, ensure you have good trekking poles.


Kenya is one of the more affordable countries for a holiday but also one of the most special and unique places in the world with a huge amount to see and do, particularly for animal lovers. In terms of cost, Kenya has the cheapest average cost for a hotel at less than £20 per person per night so you can make big savings on your holiday costs by choosing Kenya and you will also find that food and drink is also more affordable than most places. You can also easily fly to Kenya from London with trains from Stevenage to Luton being a good way to arrive at the airport.


A study this year showed that Turkey was the cheapest holiday destination in 2020 when you factor in the average cost for hotels, taxi fares, meals for two and any unexpected medical costs. The study found that on average, it would cost just £63.79 per day in Antalya, Turkey and this is a nice part of the world with alluring sandy beaches, an Old Harbour and fine food.


The same study revealed that on average it would cost £79.69 per day for a holiday in Cairo, Egypt which is much more affordable than many of the places that people go on holiday. Additionally, Cairo and Egypt as a whole is a fascinating area to explore and somewhere that many people find fascinating because of the many mysterious ancient monuments and pyramids so there will be plenty to keep you entertained on a holiday here.


Seeking sun, sand and sea? Mauritius is an incredibly exotic and beautiful destination and one which is surprisingly affordable. The average cost of a day in the capital of Port Louis is £108.72 with the 5th cheapest accommodation at just over £25 per person per night. Mauritius is a tropical island so there is much more to do than just chilling on the beach as there is lots of exploring and fun activities to try and Port Louis is also a vibrant and unique city to explore.

As you can see, you do not always have to spend a fortune to go on holiday and these more affordable places will also offer you a unique experience that is different to many of the more commonly visited destinations.

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