Bingo is one of those games that almost everyone would have played at least once, usually whilst still at school, as many teachers employ the game to help them teach basic mathematical principles to their pupils. Of course, the vast majority of Bingo players these days are doing it in order to win, not just learn more about the innate mechanics of maths. 

For these people it is winning that is the most important part of the Bingo playing experience, a fact that is more than evident across the casino world. Bingo is a game of chance at root, however there are things that experienced heads will do to increase their chances of a win, and a lot of this is just down to picking the right day to play Bingo on. Read ahead for some of the best days to play at 

Special occasions 

Choosing the right time to engage in a spot of Bingo relies on several different factors, and it is often pretty much impossible to ensure that you are satisfying every single one of these. Something that it is definitely not good to ignore is the fact that many Bingo places end up giving special offers and bonuses on days when it is a special occasion, either for you individually or as a collective. 

For example, it is always a good idea to play Bingo on your birthday, mainly because it will give you the chance to try and make use of some offers made by some particularly generous Bingo halls. Moreover, many places might give a discount to all players on days such as Christmas Eve, New Years Day or Easter Sunday, something you really shouldn’t miss out on, especially if you are looking to make some money. 

Quiet midweek days 

From one extreme to the other… although it can pay off playing Bingo on the days we just described above, it will also mean that you are playing in a crowded Bingo hall, and this could reduce your chances of a win. Think about it: the more people playing a game of Bingo, the more chance there is of somebody else winning other than you, so sometimes it makes sense to try and play on the quietest midweek days. 

Of course, you know your local Bingo scene than anyone else so you will know the least busy days to play on. On average it is the midweek that is the quietest, however this isn’t always correct. One thing to bare in mind here is that playing Bingo at its least busy can infringe on the fun-factor, but it could leave you with a big win. 

The weekend 

The last two groups of days to play Bingo on that we have explored have been more focussed on increasing your chances of winning, however you cannot forget that at root Bingo is a game that is meant to be enjoyed. For this reason many people play on the weekend, where it is simply a riotous amount of fun!

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