Tarot card reading has gained traction in the recent past and is now a popular practice for individuals looking for divination or fortune-telling. Due to its popularity, the upsurge creates a booming market for prospective card readers, and this is how you can become one yourself.

1.Understand the cards

Most importantly, after acquiring your new set of tarot cards is to familiarize yourself with them. A deck of tarot cards holds 78 cards, which can be quite overwhelming to understand, mainly because they are all different. It is intimidating to master the pack since it is quite a lot of information to hold. One way to go around this problem is to practice learning a card every morning. With one card every day, you can keep all the information necessary about that card, as you spend the day analyzing the card and its meaning. The more time you spend on the card, the deeper you will understand it. As you can derive, the process of mastering the cards will not be swift. You will need quite a significant amount of time to learn the tarot cards, even doing two cards a day. Patience is key.

2.Learn some basic spreads

Tarot spreads vary in complexity as you advance in expertise. As a beginner, here are five easy to learn spreads which can help you develop your skills. The past-present-future spread is the most popular three-card spread. The first card you draw represents the past, the next the present, and the last card represents the future. Learning to decipher the meaning from the cards can help you interpret the message held therein. Reading the past and present will help you determine what changes have occurred and will create a better future vision. Another popular spread is no spread. With this technique, the cards do not require any specific order. Each subsequent card pulled emphasizes the meaning of the previous card. With this spread, you add meaning to each reading with the addition of cards. However, spread techniques will vary as you gain mastery of your tarot cards, and you will eventually have control over how to read them in your way. 

3.Create your unique reading process

You may hear from experienced tarot readers, or research, that a proper reading should be lengthy. Some advocate that the longer the translation is, the more accurate it will be, or the more the client satisfaction. However, such claims are not always right. Reading is affected by the reader’s state of mind, increasing the probability of a misread. You are more likely to be objective in your interpretation and to avoid these mistakes if you do it when you are comfortable. If possible, get to the reading as soon as possible after you and your client are acquainted and settled. Not only will this save both of you valuable time, but it can also boost your business with a higher client turnover. Also, try to keep the reading as calm as possible, regardless of the cards spread.

4.Learn how to communicate

Reading tarot cards requires a lot of communication, both spontaneous and deliberate speeches. As such, you will need a lot of mastery of the jargon used in reading the cards, and you must prepare yourself to speak out when you read the cards when you get inspiration. Being a somewhat mystical affair, you need to learn how to create an environment that encourages your clients to open up. By learning how to communicate during a reading, you will create a suitable environment for your clients to break down the walls and get the reading going. In regular conversations, we tend to think first and consider our audience and context before speaking. In a tarot reading, however, you need to keep an open mind and trust your intuition, enabling you to speak out comfortably whenever you get a reading off your client.

5.Find a conducive environment.

The outcome of your reading is going to depend heavily on the environment. You are more likely to be calm, cool, and collected in a situation where you are comfortable, and you feel in control. In a comfortable space, you can be more open, enhancing your readings exponentially. You need to be in the right headspace before you work with a psychic so that you can be more objective with your readings. Find a physical environment where you are most comfortable, like your apartment or beautiful, quiet office space. Try to meditate, or do some other calming exercises to enhance your mental clarity before attending a reading. When you are clear of any distractions, you are more likely to give a client the correct interpretation. You can learn more about tarot cards here https://www.healyourlife.com/10-fascinating-facts-about-tarot

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