You know – I do miss going to the gym. Aside from the fact – a) it’s closed and b) I can’t afford it – there was the ‘incident’ there that really put me off it. I just liked having a place to go, have a run, have a bike ride, do some weights and come home feeling shattered, a bit broken, but somehow buzzing for more.

Doing the dancing on my streams actually helped keep me trim too. I noticed weight dropping off as I made a knob of myself. That was good, but it didn’t leave me with the post-gym buzz.

Now I’ve stopped doing that, I have felt a little unhappy about how I look. I don’t think it helps I’ve got ridiculous hair, that’s really getting me down. I bloody love going to see Rachael at The Strand, having a catch up with her and watch her do her magic. HOPEFULLY, it won’t be too much longer until I see her again and get this sorted.

I want to try and improve myself, perhaps consider a BSc in business? I also want to trim down a little, so I’ve decided to start running again. I tried back in 2014, and I did enjoy it, however I felt a little self-conscious pounding the relatively busy streets of Chelmsford. Thankfully now I live in the back of beyond, there’s literally miles of the countryside I can explore and not have to worry about tonnes of randomers having to look at my red sweaty face. Plus, I SWEAR I run like Pheobe from Friends.

I’ve never been able to just RUN for prolonged periods of time. I’ve had to do interval training, a bit of walking, and bursts of running. But I want to do it properly, I want to go and smash out a 5k, or a 10k and beyond. I’d love to be able to do that.

I will – I absolutely will be able to do that.

I’ve downloaded “Zombies, Run!” to run with, it’s got a bit of a ‘The Walking Dead’ vibe to it. Essentially as you run, in between my music, you listen to a story / play a game. You basically have to avoid hordes of zombies and ‘collect’ items. You’re not made to run in a particular direction, or move a particular way, you just carry on whatever path you want. But, because it’s interval training, you can take a slow pace, and then, when the story asks you to, you can run. You can also set up ‘Chases’, so at random intervals you get Zombies chasing you, and you have to outrun them.

It’s as cheesy as heck, and some of the voice acting is, well, a little bit sketchy. But it makes my little runs fly by. When I was going to the gym I’d constantly be watching the timer, but having my phone in my pocket, a bit of a story and some tunes makes the time fly.

Tomorrow is Day 5. My 3rd run.

It doesn’t feel like much, but it’s a start, and I’ve got to start somewhere. I’ve got a bit of a route worked out in my head now, there’s lots of fields to run around, I’ve found some nice flat ones, I don’t want to stack it on an uneven path. I’m going to try and run every other day, try and do a little more each time, building up the running, and the distance.

I’m coming home aching, red, and sweaty but I’m really buzzing for the next run. Today I wasn’t meant to run, but I REALLY wanted to – I just had the urge. I didn’t though, I don’t want to push myself too hard, too soon, I need to walk, before I can run (did you see what I did there?).

I’ll try and post about my progress, I really want to succeed at this. I can do it.. Can’t I?

Have any of you done this before? Turned from a couch potato into a skinny fry? Please do drop me a comment, tell me what you did, how you did it.. I need inspiration!

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