As a grown-up person, whenever we are exposed to second-hand smoke, we try to avoid it and make sure we don’t inhale it. But, where adults are smart enough to avoid the dangerous smoke, children aren’t nearly sensible. Most children are at the mercy of smokers around them, and if the smoker themselves doesn’t act responsibly, then they can cause serious damage to the child’s health. Even if the children don’t have a smoker relative, it is still the duty of their parents and other relatives to ensure that whenever they are out, they are protected against second-hand smoke.

Smoking is a habit that is not easy to quit, but when you have children in your house, it becomes your duty to protect them from anything that can harm them. The best course of action in this case is to quit smoking, but if you cannot do that, you can always try cutting on the number of cigarettes you smoke. Another great alternative is to switch to e-cigarettes, which are less harmful and can make it easier for you to quit smoking gradually. They are also less addictive and more convenient to use. If you are considering switching to e-cigarettes, you can click here to learn more about it. Below I have mentioned a few reasons that will convince you to never smoke around children. Let’s take a look:

Second Hand Smoke Is as Dangerous

If you think that the smoke you exhale from your cigarettes is less harmful than the smoke you inhale, then you are wrong. The smoke you inhale has carbon monoxide and harmful ash particles in it, and when you exhale it, some of it comes out of your body as well. If you have children running around in the room and you are smoking cigarettes, then the smoke will go inside their lungs and can damage their health. Even if you are smoking ten to twelve feet away from them, they can still inhale the smoke.

Children can Get Cigarettes Burn

Another reason to not smoke around children is that you can accidentally give them a cigarette burn. Most children aren’t cautious when they are playing around the house, and if you are smoking in the room, they can accidentally come across the cigarette, and that can be very dangerous. The kids can touch the tip of the cigarette unintentionally, and it can give them a bad cigarette burn. Sometimes you leave the cigarette burning in the ashtray, and children can stumble around it as well.

They Will Imitate You

Most people who are addicted to smoking may not be able to quit it, but they still see it as a bad and harmful habit. It is a popular saying that children are mirror images of their parents, and it is quite true as well. If you are smoking around them, you are constantly telling them that there is nothing wrong with smoking. That is why when your child grows up, they will not think twice before trying a cigarette. So, if you want them not to pick on this bad habit, then you must never smoke around them.

It Is a Fire Hazard

No one thinks much about the burning end of the cigarette, but it is still a fire hazard. If you Google “cigarettes fire hazards,” right now, you will come across stories where a whole building or a house caught fire because of it. One should not take cigarettes as a non-serious fire hazard. If you have children sleeping in the house, you should never smoke indoors.

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