Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a holiday home, or you already own one, rather than leaving your property empty when you’re not there, seeing your holiday home as a financial investment and renting it out to guests could prove lucrative if you know what you’re doing. Enjoying a significant second income that can cover both the cost of your home and allow you to stay there free of charge is one of the many reasons why holiday homeowners go down this route.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are 5 steps to renting out a holiday home.

Comply with Local Laws

Before you rent out your holiday home to guests, it’s vital that you comply with any local laws and regulations that relate to holiday letting. Whether your home is in the UK or abroad, there may be restrictions and rules that differ to what you consider the norm, so the best place to start is doing your research to avoid breaking any rules.

Put Safety First

Understandably, your guests’ health and wellbeing will be your top priority. Regardless of how long you’ve had your holiday home for, it’s important that you visit it beforehand and thoroughly examine the property to deem it safe and secure for guests. If you want to make improvements and are considering new flooring, there are concrete suppliers like MixIt who can help. The team have ready mixed concrete which you can use that can boost your holiday home’s aesthetic appeal. They also specialise in concrete pumps, concrete blocks, and floor screed which you can find out more about at mixit.co.uk.

Create a Website

Once your holiday home is ready for guests, if they don’t know about your property, you can’t expect much custom. The first place to start is by creating a website for your holiday home that showcases its features and amenities. There are lots of ways you can market and promote your holiday home, like promoting on social media and using email marketing. Doing research into other holiday homes and seeing how they attract guests will give you inspiration and ideas.

Simplify the Booking Process

When guests check out your holiday home and want to book a stay, they need to hear from you immediately before making the decision to pay. Simplifying the booking process and keeping communication lines open is vital, so whether you accept online credit card payments, or e-banking, using payment options that guests are familiar with is key. Guests want to feel special and well looked after, so ensure that they can book a stay both on your website and your social media business pages.

Ask for Feedback

If you’re new to renting out your holiday home, there is always room for improvement. Once guests have stayed at your property, invite them to leave feedback and reviews on your page, and personally thank them for doing so. Having an idea of where your bookings originate from, and which dates are in demand can help you going forward.

Purchasing a holiday home and renting it out to others can be a great side income for you and your family. Your guests’ happiness and satisfaction should be your top priority, so keeping communication lines open and taking feedback on board will help you build a reputable profile and attract more guests to your property.

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