It’s that time of the year again when we layer up and check out the latest trends to hit the runways for the fall/winter seasons. The clothes you’ll be shopping for have moved their way through London, Paris, Florence, and Milan and are now waiting on the shelves for a tasteful buyer.

With the wave of new pieces comes several trends to see you through the second half of the year in fresher-than-ever style. From faux and function to leather and shearling, tailoring and denim, and so much more, designers certainly aren’t holding back. Let’s take a look at the biggest trends to see you through the remainder of 2020.

New Denim

Previous seasons had denim coming back in party-ready, bleached-out styles. But for FW20, it’s all about bringing the material back to its purest, rawest forms. Functional denim cargo pants by E Tautz impressed onlookers with their utilitarian flair, while Bethany Williams showed off more layered looks.

Gucci took a grungy approach with oversized skater jeans, and Dsquared2 gave a Wild West theme to their bootcut pairs. Paul Smith and Lanvin took a more polished approach with worked-in denim and untreated textures.


Another style that was brought back to its purest form was that of checks, which were shown in abundance on London’s runways. This included a striking collection of checkered pieces from Charles Jeffery in a series of suits and kilts. Gucci continued their grungy approach with plaid shirts that look right at home at the skatepark.

Trendy Tailoring

Plummeting temperatures seem to be bringing streetwear towards the verge of extinction as tailored overcoats finished with button-down straps and harnesses flooded the runways. This was thanks in no small part to the work of Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones, whose striking pieces blurred the lines between high fashion and formalwear.

Being at the pinnacle of tailored pieces, Burberry was unsurprisingly a major player here. If you’re looking to incorporate their novel garments into your wardrobe this season, try exploring the collection at SSENSE. The fashion retailer’s FW20 collection includes all of the latest trends from Burberry, not to mention new stock from other designers mentioned here.

Face Prints

Somewhat of a curveball trend, many designers brought prints of faces onto the runway including portraits of iconic figures on their shirts and sweaters. This included knit face-print sweaters and face-on-face prints from Ami and Pronounce, respectively, as well as big ‘ol mugs on Etro’s winter-ready jeans.

Red Alert

Of all the hues that adorned Europe’s runways this season, none were more prominent than red. While far from the easiest color to wear, designers made a sterling effort to incorporate it into their latest garments.

Varying shades of scarlet and what Alexander McQueen referred to as “carnelian” were seen on silk suits and overcoats. Tom Ford and Armani had plenty of red suits, while Gucci opted for surprisingly pleasing palettes of deep pink.

Some other noteworthy trends include cardigans, functional outerwear, and shearling. So, what will you be wearing?

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