If you choose to hire someone to take care of your children, it will be one of the most important decisions you make for them. Making the wrong decision could be detrimental for your kids and even put them in danger. Therefore, you need to put a lot of thought into your choice of childcare.

As a dad, I’ve had to make this choice many times, so I understand just how crucial it is. Keep reading to learn some of the things you need to keep in mind as you make this challenging choice.

Background Checks

If you have to ask yourself “What is a comprehensive background check?” you are not alone. Many people do not fully understand all the components of a background check and why it is necessary.

While you may be thinking that background checks may be a bit excessive, you can never be too careful. A background check will provide you with a systematic way to ensure you are getting accurate information from your potential employee. It will also help you to determine if your potential employee’s past leads you to believe that they will work well for you.

Safety Training

You will want to ensure that the person you hire to take care of your children will keep them safe in the case of an emergency. It would be best if you were sure your childcare professional has some standard certifications:

  • First-Aid
  • CPR
  • Lifeguard

Hiring someone with the proper training to allow them to act swiftly with grace under pressure could very well be the difference between life and death for your children.

While this may feel dark to think about, accidents do happen, and you need to do all you can to prevent a catastrophe by hiring the most experienced and prepared caretaker.


The more experience a babysitter or nanny has, the more likely they will handle any dangerous situation while taking care of your kids. They will have picked up many tips and tricks throughout their time working with children and will be able to handle temper tantrums much better than a novice.

However, some people have a natural knack for working with children, so if you find someone who has a great personality and attitude, you should not necessarily discount them simply because they do not have a decade of experience.


The best way to understand someone’s credentials is to speak to people who know them and work with them. It would be best if you asked any potential childcare candidates for references from previous employees. You should also follow up with these references and ask to speak with them.

Compatibility with the Kids

A caregiver may be fantastic, but if they do not get along with your children, they are likely not the right fit.

You could consider asking a potential childcare candidate to allow you to observe them interact with your children on a test run. A caregiver who is a true professional will have no problem with this request. This test will be an easy way to determine how your child feels about the childcare professional and give you a good idea of potential compatibility.

However, you must be aware that things may not go entirely smoothly right away. Sometimes, people take a while to warm up to each other, so you shouldn’t be too quick to judge the situation if it doesn’t go perfectly in the first few minutes.


There are many things you need to think through before committing to a caregiver for your children. However, if you take your time and always trust your gut, the odds are that you will find the perfect match.

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