Let’s face it, the pandemic has impacted our mindsets as well as our lifestyles in a massive way. Social interactions are now allowed, but you still might not feel overly comfortable in those situations. And if you feel a little anxious about leaving the home surroundings, you are not alone.

Spending more time outside will be immensely beneficial for your physical and mental health. Here’s a simple action plan that can help you rediscover your enjoyment of the outdoors in style. You’ve got this.

Focus On Outside Fitness

Keeping fit in winter is hugely important, not least because you’ll probably eat more during this time of the year. While the warmth of the gym may sound appealing, the truth is that you will probably feel uneasy each time someone is coughing away on the treadmill.

While it might be a little colder than usual, you won’t really care when you’re running. After all, the exercise will keep your body warm. Besides, it is a great opportunity to combine your familiar routes with new paths. This can help ease you back into being outside.

Team sports that are enjoyed outside will allow you to maintain social activities and a competitive edge. Better still, you’ll gain those benefits without the negative elements of indoor sports.

Get On The Golf Course

Playing golf gives you a little light exercise and so much more. Whether playing a few rounds with friends or incorporating it into your business activities doesn’t matter. Either way, you will find that autumn play can be immensely fun. 

For the ultimate experience, you’ll want to check out the best links golf courses in the UK & Ireland. However, you can still have plenty of fun at your local course. When the weather is windy, the putting green and driving range can work wonders too. 

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Golf can be immensely calming while there are few greater satisfactions than a hole in one or registering your best round. And if you’re a newbie, you’ll have the winter to practice your swing at home before returning in the spring.

Take A Road Trip

Vacations are the perfect outlet to explore the world and see new places. However, the thought of navigating the airport or facing travel restrictions makes it a far less exciting prospect. After all, stressful situations are the last thing you need.

Road trips allow you to bypass many of those issues. For starters, you won’t be passing thousands of people on public transport. Whether checking out the best UK road trip adventures or taking a spontaneous trip is up to you. But the memories will be magical.

You may want to combine this with camping activities or action adventure trips. If you are planning to do this, though, you must be sure to take note of the weather conditions. Or your dream trip could become a nightmare.

Consider A Dog

Getting a dog will essentially force you to spend more time outside. Moreover, you will be encouraged to enjoy a combination of familiar routes in the park and new ones elsewhere. So, you will engage with your local area and a little further afield.

Of course, the decision to take on a pup isn’t one that should be taken lightly. If it does not suit your lifestyle, you can always volunteer to walk dogs from a local shelter. Or you could ask a friend to join them on their future dog walks.

If you do have a dog, though, you’ll find that the combination of more time outside and increased physical activity is a great help. It is likely that your dog will attract attention in the park too, which is a good way to slowly start speaking to strangers once more.

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Use Your Garden

Under normal circumstances, most people are guilty of ignoring their gardens for a good six months of the year. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to keep the outside spaces in good health during the colder months. 

A little gardening is great for the soul. Even in the winter months, some plants will continue to grow. Even the indigenous trees that have lost their leaves can be protected with a little yard work. Alternatively, you could work on building a deck or patio area.

Winter BBQs or evenings watching a film on the projector can be great fun. And those activities will still be there when the weather comes back around. When you don’t want to enter public spaces, inviting friends over can be great for social interactions too.

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