Looking after your health and welfare as a dad is important so that you can be there for your children as they grow up. So finding positive ways to implement new changes to your lifestyle will certainly be beneficial if you want to be a good role model to your children and be as active and fit as possible.

Play Sports In The Garden With The Kids 

A good way to bond with your children is to play some fun activities or sports in the garden with them. Playing football, tennis or just racing your children up and down the garden will be a great way to do some exercise whilst also spending some much needed bonding time with them. 

Do Some Weight Lifting 

You can try and maintain your strength by doing some weight lifting at home with everyday objects. Instead of automatically paying for an expensive gym membership you can fit this in when you have time in your schedule. 

You could look online for a tutorial which will guide you through a weight lifting workout using items at home if you do not have the specialised gym equipment. You can also take supplements to go along with exercising to help you maintain your muscle mass.

Take Supplements

Taking vitamin supplements is a good way to boost your vitamin and mineral levels, along with eating healthy. Shopping around online can be worthwhile as you can purchase your supplements in advance which can be stacked for better value, whilst also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you’re new to the world of supplements I’d suggest checking out reviews online like this Multi GI 5 review. Once you’ve found some you’re happy with, try to incorporate these into your daily routine so that you really are getting the most nutritional benefit. 

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Eat Healthy 

Maintaining a good balanced diet along with your children is a good way to implement healthy eating. It can be difficult to stick to a regimented routine. So that you feel you are not tackling healthy eating by yourself, you could cook up a family meal with the help of your children. It will be fun for them whilst you also have help in the kitchen. 

Avoid Snacking on The Sofa Each Night 

When you are sitting down for long periods of time you are not burning any energy. To dissuade your children from picking up bad habits, and for your own benefit, try to avoid eating really unhealthy foods in large quantities each night. 

The last thing you want to be doing is putting on weight due to your bad and unhealthy eating habits. Instead of automatically reaching for crisps, fizzy drinks and chocolate when sitting in front of the tv, try to bake some tasty treats instead with your children or opt for healthier snack choices when watching a film together. 

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