It was on a visit to Paris in 1844, that Patek discovered a fellow watchmaker named Jean Adrien Phillip. Phillip was himself the inventor of a pocket watch that was able to wind without a winding key – quite the trend of the time. Patek, entirely captivated by Jean’s passion and skill, extended an invitation to Jean to join him in Geneva and just one year later, Patek & Cie was founded.

From the start, Phillipe set out to be the technical director of the company but would go on to become a partner in 1851, and after Jean became increasingly frustrated at the lack of recognition his name had with the organisation, the company was renamed Patek, Phillip & Cie. It would remain as such until 2009 when after finding the comma somewhat superfluous, the company became one of the most recognizable names in the luxury goods market worldwide, Patek Phillipe.

The Patek Phillipe Chronograph watch is the very definition of modern vintage and its design, meticulous and painstakingly constructed speaks to the hallmark of quality and fine workmanship that is in the core fabric of Patek Phillipe.

The Chronograph has the distinction of bringing Patek Phillip out of something of a hiatus and moving the luxury watchmaker into every so slight futuristic territory, though the essence of Swiss design, functionality, and exquisite accuracy has been preserved down to every complication and the minutest gear. Patek Phillipe are not “watchmakers”, they design timepieces that journey with you and onwards into the next generation.

Infographic Design By: WatchBox Chronograph Comparison

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