In the fashion world, style and trends are constantly evolving, and the world of football is no different. Like notable fashion figures, football players pride themselves on individuality and express themselves through the different clothes or kits they wear. During much more recent times, football players’ style has evolved from just being about what they wear on the pitch to their hairstyles, tattoos, additional accessories, and eccentric personalities. So much so that footballers have become recognisable and more likeable by the general public due to these trends. Take Jack Grealish, for example; he’d be practically unrecognisable without his signature hairband and floaty-light curtain haircut. We jest but the impact that trends have had on-pitch and off is undeniable, which is why we’ve created this article to outline a couple of the most popular on-pitch kit trends throughout the years.

Laying Thermals Underneath Kit

Popular amongst cyclists and runners alike, base layer thermals are a common sighting in on-pitch kits, especially as the football season heads into winter weather. Sports equipment companies such as Under Armour are particularly favoured amongst footballers and hold sponsorships with many clubs, with many players seen sporting a long-sleeved, high necked thermal underneath their short-sleeved football tops. Another popular item for keeping warm amongst players, albeit comical, is tights worn more often by players in colder climates.

Loose Fitting Shirts

An on-pitch trend older than that vintage Barcelona jersey you were gifted as a child is loose-fitting or baggy football shirts. Popularised in the 90’s, the baggy football era was designed to try and enhance footballer’s movements, shots and make it easier for the referee to spot foul play. Unlike the skin-tight Spandex-like football shirts of our modern era, oversized and baggy clothing was the style of choice in 90’s fashion which ended up transferring into football fashion and has now made a comeback in current years. Suppose you fancy taking some inspiration from 90’s football fashion or are generally in the market for some new football shirts, peruse the range of products from Classic Football Kit. In that case, they offer multiple shirt fits, cater to several football clubs, and even replicas of the popular Barca retro kit. This gives you options for anyone in your life who you may be buying for, or even yourself.

Low Riding Socks

Made notable by legendary footballers such as Steve Claridge, we’ve noticed a trend on-pitch of footballers rolling down the typically over-the-knee socks so that they rest around the ankle. Another 90’s trend, commonly dubbed as ‘lazy,’ low-riding socks, is a styling that aims to showcase the calves and is slowly making its way back into football fashion thanks to Manchester City’s Jack Grealish.

Hairbands or Headbands

Made famous as recent by Jack Grealish, hairbands and headbands have both made an emergence in on-pitch football trends. Plus, how could we forget the constant chatter about Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin iconic Gucci and Balmain branded headbands from last year’s Premier League? As well as being a functional and now fashionable accessory, hair bands and headbands serve as a nod to the footballers of our past like Francesco Totti, who was always pictured with the head accessory in his long-haired days.

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