A change of season can be the best time to consider self-storage. You might also want to think about it when moving house, to eliminate some of the work on the day. Anyone looking to travel light will want to take care of the items that they do not take with them, by renting a self-storage unit. Then, there are, of course, students who will want some of their items in storage to be accessible near to where they are studying. Also, investors will want somewhere secure to house items of value.

It is good to know that when we want storage, there is the option of first month free storage available to us. This is certainly on offer from online self-storage companies operating in the area of Dallas, as well as elsewhere in America.

Change of Season

A fresh season might mean a fresh look for many, and we can make it happen for us too. We can rent a self-storage unit that houses out-of-season items. They need not to be just for holiday decorations, but other large pieces of furniture, or spare chairs we only use during the party season. The chairs will always be accessible should we want a party any time of year.


Moving house can be a time when some will make the greatest use of self-storage facilities. The moving process can be traumatic enough, but more so when we have lots of items to consider that we have gathered over the years. A storage unit can provide the answer to spreading out the work and delaying a decision about items, when it comes to moving home.


There are those free-spirited enough to never have a permanent base. When on their travels, depending on where they are exploring next, they may need additional storage space. For security, you should not take valuable items on holiday with you. If you do, have somewhere secure that is nearby to store them.

There might be a scenario relating to travel where a person will want to book a storage unit close to where they are staying on holiday. This will give them access to their items stored, as well as provide extra security for them – more than if they had the items with them inside a tent in the middle of a field. It is good to be able to research online where the self-storage units near to your holiday destinations are and make use of this service.


All students will know, or have heard, that student accommodation does not offer much space. Even less if you have lots of items with you. The solution is just to have the essentials and then have access to their other items that are close by in storage units. It will be important if a home is some distance away from the university or college campus and the student accommodation is small or shared with many other students. Also, if they are an international student, they might bring too many of their belongings, but have no where to put them and it is difficult to send things home. So, storage units would help remove this problem until they travel home next.


Those looking to invest in objects will find it a good time for self-storage. The items they hope to make a return on in the long term can be kept in a secure, temperature and humidity-controlled unit. This will help maintain their value and then the economy might dictate whether their value increases. Antiques and precious metals in various forms are typically housed and protected in self-storage units. It can be cost-effective in terms of storing an item for investment purposes, and ultimately mean more goes into a retirement fund.

We can, therefore, consider that self-storage is a solution for many at various times of the year, depending on their immediate circumstances. This is whether they are just wanting to give their home a makeover and move items around, relocate completely to a new home, or look to travel and want to leave some precious items behind. Also, there will be students in small houses or in university accommodation, who need more space for some of their items. They will want to know that they can store some of their items in a place where they will remain secure.

Self-storage is only a click away when you look online.

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