If one of your 2022 resolutions is to make your business extraordinary, you are reading the right post. Lack of differentiation is one of the many reasons why businesses fail. If you want to stand out, you need to get noticed. You need to identify ways and create things that make you different from your competitors.

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Focus on Your Strongholds

Identify what you do better than other businesses and work on it. Additionally, find out what you can do that no one else can do. For instance, if you are the owner of a bakery and you know of a secret ingredient or formula that is unknown to others and delivers great taste, use it to make your pastries stand out from the rest.

Doing so will make you different from competitors and have good standing with partners and customers. Furthermore, it will build your brand name and image. Most people love uniqueness and creativity.

Offer Various Affordable Payment Methods

Allow your partners and customers to decide whether they would like to make transactions in cash, cheques, master card variants such as Revolut, debit cards, credit cards, or mobile payment. Of course, it is not mandatory to have all methods, but it would be best to offer at least three payment methods.

Stay in Contact With Old Customers

Request new customers to share their contact information, but do not coerce them to do so. Instead, follow up on them via call, text, or email to create a personal touch with them. Furthermore, you can use the mentioned avenues to share available discounts and offers.

Be sure to make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Don’t contact them about business all the time; you can also check their wellbeing. Finally, don’t forget to maximize technology to foster good relationships. 

Obtain all the legal documents

Always have all your certificates and other legal documents ready. For instance, when a partner business requests proof that you are legitimate and legally authorized to do business activities, you should have your certificate of good standing ready.

Now that you have heard of it, What is a certificate of good standing? Well, it is a document that shows that your business is legally registered within a given state. In addition, it shows that you are adhering to state requirements such as paying taxes. 

Take Part in Corporate Social Responsibility

Many people prefer to associate with businesses that give back to society. If you want to raise your profile, participate in charity events. You can sponsor a fun day, support community members to get basic amenities, plant trees, and do other things.

Concentrate on a Narrow Niche

Adapting your approach to various businesses makes customers question whether you are the right fit. Do not try to serve everybody. Instead, narrowly define your market. For instance, if you are making clothes, you do not necessarily have to make clothes for all genders, ages, and events. Identify the specific category of people you will be serving.


Many other additional ways can make your business stand out. The list we have given you is to help you have a good starting point. Find out a range of strategies that work for your business and use them as a stepping stone to a successful entrepreneurial life.

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