Everyone wants to go on holiday every once in a while. When they do, they typically go on the same kind of trip; going somewhere sunny and relaxing next to the pool or on the beach.

As attractive as that can be, many people would prefer something a bit more unique. You likely wouldn’t get to go on vacation too often, so you’ll want to make it memorable.

There are more than a few unique holiday ideas to choose from. Depending on your interests, some can be more appealing than others.

All are more than worth considering, however. You’ll not only have an enjoyable holiday, but one you’re sure to remember.

Unique Holiday Ideas Anyone Can Try

Swimming With Wild Dolphins In The Azores

You’ll likely have several places at home where you can spot dolphins. You might be able to swim with trained ones, depending on what water attractions are nearby.

There’s nothing quite like swimming with wild dolphins, however. It’s an experience that you’ll have to feel to believe.

If you want to do this while taking in some beautiful sights, then it’s worth traveling to the Azores. Countless dolphin sightings are reported here on a yearly basis.

That’s alongside orcas and sperm whales being seen nearby. These are all relatively close to the shore and beaches.

Anyone who wants to swim about with dolphins and other large water-based animals will need to put the Azores near the top of the list of countries to visit.

Motorcycle Touring In France

If you’re a motorcycle fan, then you’ll have more than a few places to tour on your vehicle. Some can be much more appealing than others.

France can be one of the more appealing. Though overlooked somewhat, the country offers some beautiful sights. Coupled with that are the food and culture that you can take in.

When you’re going motorcycle touring around France, you’ll have more than a few places to see. Working with a professional tour company can be recommended.

That’ll give you a safe route that provides a memorable trip. With France’s relatively central location, you could also work a few other countries into your trip.

Spending two or three weeks at this could mean visiting several countries on the one holiday. Since you’ll be on a motorcycle, you’ll have plenty of freedom to see them at your leisure.

Sea Kayaking In Croatia

Many people see kayaking as an enjoyable activity they can do when they’re on vacation. Focusing on it for the entire trip can make it one of the more unique holiday ideas.

There are relatively few places you can do this, although Croatia is highly recommended. The country’s archipelago is one of the more notable reasons why.

With over 1,000 islands to explore, you could spend your entire trip going from one to another. That sea kayaking can be more enjoyable than you’d think, alongside being affordable.

Only a handful of these islands are populated, so you’ll have plenty of natural landscape to enjoy.

Genghis Khan Warrior Training In Mongolia

If you want something relatively active and fitness-focused, then a trip to Mongolia could be in order. You’ll find some of the more unique holiday ideas here.

Genghis Khan warrior training is one of the more popular. As it turns out, quite a few people want to be trained by a Mongol warrior.

These are typically seen as some of the toughest military forces in history. They’re also quite stealthy.

While you’ll think that it could take years to learn this, you can get the basics in a few days. Multiple training courses are on offer, with some being quite short and others much longer.

You can take advantage of several of these during your holiday.

Self-Drive Tuk-Tuk Tours In Thailand

Thailand has long been a popular location for tourists over the past few decades. Many people choose to visit the same places when they’re there, such as Phuket.

It could be worth going on a self-drive tuk-tuk tour, however. You’ll not only get to see more of the country, but you can do so in style.

Sticking to Northern Thailand can be recommended. While you’ll need to learn how to use a tuk-tuk, you shouldn’t have a problem after that.

These self-drive tours can last several days or weeks, depending on your preference. To see more of the country, though, it’s worth taking your time with this.

How To Afford Your Unique Holiday Ideas

It’s one thing knowing which unique holiday ideas you want to use. It’s quite another being able to afford them.

If you’re going with your family, then the costs could add up quickly. Knowing how to budget and save up for your trip will be recommended.

Few people know how to do that properly, however. Putting together a budget can often be relatively difficult.

When it comes to the cost of a holiday – which can often be in the thousands – you could want specific advice. ‘Put together a budget and save up’ can be relatively vague, after all.

You can use several tips and tricks, though. Doing so will let you save up for your holiday faster than you’d think.

  • Cut Out Work Lunches: It’s not uncommon to pop out of the office at a certain time to pick up lunch. As inexpensive as this will be, bringing a homemade lunch to work can help you save quite quickly.
  • Trim Your Utility Bills: Finding ways to cut your utility bills is always recommended, so it’s worth looking for ways that you can.
  • Get Thrifty With Clothes: Clothing from thrift shops can be much nicer than you’d assume. They’re also much more affordable, so you can put together a budget for a much lower price.

With each of those tips and tricks, you shouldn’t have a problem affording your unique holiday ideas.

Wrapping Up

You have more than a few unique holiday ideas to choose from. They can all be appealing in more than a few ways.

While they could cost a decent amount, they’ll be more than worth it. Some will even be much more affordable than you’d think.

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from having an enjoyable and memorable holiday.

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