There’s no doubt that the pandemic has caused many of us to take a good look at our health. It’s clear now that covid is here to stay, and like other contagious illnesses one of the best ways we can protect ourselves is to start with our own health. This means improving our immune system and overall wellbeing so that we’re less susceptible to becoming seriously ill if we contract illnesses like covid, flu and others. Here are some of the ways we can go about improving our health as a way to protect against illness, during a time where covid is still very prevalent. 

Stop smoking

Since covid is a virus that affects the lungs, it’s always going to present more risks to those with existing lung issues. And smoking is one of the biggest causes of preventable lung diseases, from cancers to COPD, emphasyma and chronic bronchitis amongst other things- it’s just not worth the risk. There are lots of products on the market to help you quit from patches to gum to hypnotherapy, although many people still struggle to kick the habit. One method that appears to be more effective is switching to vaping first, it prevents cold turkey withdrawal and the amount of nicotine can be reduced over time. Studies have found that smokers tend to find quitting from a vape easier than cigarettes too, something about them doesnt appear to keep people as hooked even when they’re using the same amount of nicotine. So purchase a starter set and your chosen salts range and see if this could be a way for you to move towards becoming a non smoker. 

Lose weight

Obesity has been shown to be a strong risk factor for covid throughout the pandemic, and just like smoking it also comes with its own set of risks separate from covid. It has been shown that being significantly overweight impacts the immune system and makes the person more vulnerable to viruses, infections and all other illnesses. Losing weight will not only put you in a better position against covid but chances are you’ll feel healthier and more confident too, work out what a healthy bmi is for you and take steps to work towards it. It will likely be a combination of meal planning and tracking macros, exercising more and incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet that will be most effective. 

Keep a check on chronic illnesses

Chronic illnesses should be properly managed. This means if you have anything from diabetes to high blood pressure to liver disorders, heart problems or anything else that affects your health, don’t overlook its importance. Ensure you’re keeping up with your regular monitoring at home, attend all of your appointments and take the advice of your care providers who are helping you to manage your condition. Those with underlying illnesses are more at risk of getting seriously ill, but the risk does come down if your condition is properly managed. 

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