Your phone contract has come to an end and you’re thinking about getting an upgrade. It seems like the right thing to do – and it technically is. Nevertheless, there are right and wrong ways of upgrading your phone. Yes, you can do this incorrectly – even though it seems like such a simple task! 

The simple fact of the matter is that phone companies will do everything to rip you off. They prey on your need for convenience, meaning they take advantage of you with their upgrade offers. So, here’s some advice on what not to do when upgrading your phone – along with what you should do.

Don’t upgrade with the same network

A traditional upgrade will give you a new phone on the same network. 

Do not do this!

It’s always billed as this amazing way to save money, but the reality is that upgraded plans are awful. You will get better plans if you were a new customer on the same network. Try phoning your network and asking for better discounts, but this rarely works. Instead, the better approach is to immediately turn your attention elsewhere. Yes, it’s slightly less convenient as you’ll need to obtain a PAC code to retain your phone number. Ironically, this is why upgrade deals suck. Phone carriers know that this is an inconvenience, meaning they know customers are likely to stick with them even if the upgrade deal is horrible. 

Don’t upgrade unless you need to

In the past, having the same phone for two years meant that your model was way behind the latest options. These days, it’s really not like that at all. 

For instance, if you have an iPhone 11, you’re not missing out that much on the latest iPhone models. Sure, they’re faster and have better cameras, but that’s pretty much the extent of the new features. For the average person, upgrading to a way more expensive phone just isn’t a smart financial decision. 

I would say that upgrading your phone is only necessary if you have issues with it. As an example, the battery life is degrading to a point where you need to charge it all the time. Or, you have issues with certain features – like the contactless payment method no longer works. In these scenarios, it is a good idea to upgrade to a new phone. 

Don’t neglect SIM-only deals

What about if you come to the end of a contract but don’t need to upgrade the phone itself? Should you keep on paying the same contract until you do need to upgrade? 

Absolutely not! 

When your contract ends, always look to switch up your plan. Otherwise, you’ll still be paying for the phone and the contract, even though you now own the phone. It’s a complete waste of money! Instead, look for SIM-only deals. This lets you get a new SIM card, but you keep the phone. As a result, you can literally save so much money on your mobile phone bill every month. 

SIM-only deals are excellent if you finish your contract but have no need to change your phone. 

Don’t be afraid to buy a phone outright

Sometimes, it is much better to buy a phone and then get a new SIM-only contract separately. Why? Because you can own the phone and then get a cheaper contract. Plus, you have places like We Sell Tek that offer refurbished phones. These devices work perfectly, they’re just second-hand and have been refurbished. You can save an absolute fortune by purchasing a refurbished phone and getting a SIM-only contract, as opposed to a traditional upgrade. 

Additionally, you also have trade-in options. Some phone companies will let you trade-in your old phone to get money off a new purchase. Apple does this on their website, so you can see the trade-in value of your current phone. This then gets taken off the price of a new iPhone, letting you save money.

If you can afford to buy the phone outright, it is definitely the best upgrade option available. This way, you get a brand new phone, but the monthly payments are significantly reduced. Yes, you’ve spent a lot in one go, but you benefit from having a SIM-only deal that can give you a better contract than your last one, but at a much cheaper price. 

The moral of the story is to never opt for the standard upgrades offered by your current network provider. They usually suck and there are better deals for new customers out there. Think about whether or not you even need a new phone and don’t shy away from SIM-only deals or the idea of buying the phone outright.

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