When you’re hosting and serving a dinner party it can feel as though there are a million things that could go wrong. You could burn the food, someone might not show up or you could even fall ill during the meal. On top of all of that, there is also the question of alcohol to worry about. What wine will best accompany your meal? What if people want different types of wine? What if they don’t want wine at all, will you need to have soft drinks available? We are here to explain how you can use wine to your advantage at your dinner parties.

Invest in a Margaux

If you want to buy wine for your dinner party but are unsure of what wine to get, then you cannot go wrong with a Margaux. These wines are among the finest to come from Bordeaux and chances are most people who want to drink wine at your party will enjoy this beverage. These wines are among the finest that money can buy. Many people will think that expensive wines are just for Christmas, but Margaux is perfect for any time of the year. However, even if your guests decide against a Margaux on the night, then that just means that there is more of this delicious wine for you to enjoy on your own time, which is never a bad thing.

Offer wine after and during the meal

Different people prefer to drink alcohol at different stages of the evening. Some people enjoy a glass of wine with their meal, whereas others prefer a glass afterwards so that the drink does not take their focus away from their food. By offering wine throughout the evening you will keep everyone happy and nobody will feel obliged to drink at a certain time when they do not necessarily want to. It is also important to remember to watch out for your loved ones though, as some people may drink constantly throughout the night. So, it is a good idea to check on everyone’s well-being throughout the night to make sure that nobody drinks too much. This also ensures that everyone gets to enjoy each other’s company, the meal, and the taste of the wine.

Include wine in a goodie bag

A nice little gift to give your guests after a dinner party is a little goodie bag, and what better gift can you give to wine lovers than a little wine sample? These samples are small and discreet and can easily fit into a little bag that your loved ones can take home to enjoy another day. You could also put some leftover food in their bag for them to enjoy as leftovers the next day and a copy of some polaroid photographs if you have taken any during the evening for them to keep as a memory of the night. If you have some guests who are not fans of wine, then you could replace their wine sample with some sweets or a sample of another alcoholic drink for them to try. 

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Do a wine activity together

If you know that all of your guests are big wine fans, then you may want to introduce a wine-tasting activity into the evening. This is a great way to test everyone’s knowledge of wine but you could make it more fun by deciding that for every type of wine a person guesses correctly, they get a glass of that wine during dinner, or that is the kind of wine you give them in their goodie bag. This would make the game more relevant to the evening and make the game more competitive in a good way.

Have a range of drinks available

It is always a good idea to have a selection of other drinks available just in case someone at your dinner party decides that they don’t want to drink wine, or that they don’t want to drink alcohol at all. Therefore, you should have a range of alcoholic drinks in your home including rums, gins, and whiskeys. You should also make sure to have plenty of cold water and soft drinks as well such as coca cola and lemonade, as these will also be good for mixing with some of the other types of drinks such as gin and rum.


Wine does not need to be a worry during your dinner party, rather, it can be the star of the evening. Just be sure to have a range of different drinks available and to always have plenty of wine on hand for anyone who would like to enjoy a class during the meal.

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