Do you feel like you’re living on top of the other people or the things in your home? Here are some top space savings hacks and solutions to give you more space and freedom to use your home in a way that suits you.

Built-in furniture

Often when thinking of built-in furniture, we think of large, fitted wardrobes that might not necessarily work if you are working with a small space. However, luckily there are now fitted wardrobes for all spaces, meaning you can still introduce built-in storage into your home. This could be anywhere from under the stairs to the eaves of an attic room. Identify where there is ‘dead’ space in your home and research whether this could be turned into useful storage.


It is very easy to overlook doors when thinking of ways to add more storage to your home. But the back of doors can be a great place to store more than just a dressing gown. If you are tight for space, then it could be worth investing in a hanging storage option that can easily be hung on the back of any door. This is a good option as it is easy to tuck away, perfect if you have things to store that you don’t necessarily want out on display.


When thinking of how to better store things at home we often think of large storage boxes that take up valuable floor space. What we tend to forget to consider is how we can utilise the height within our homes. Do you have empty wall space or areas overhead that aren’t being used? There are lots of clever storage solutions on the market that optimise these spaces perfectly, from mounted wall units to over-door shelves. Take a look around your home to see if these could be added.


Perhaps a more obvious storage solution, but definitely not one to be overlooked is under-bed storage. There are a variety of ways you can add storage under your bed. This could include investing in a bed with dedicated storage such as an ottoman bed or a bed with drawers built in. Or you could simply purchase some under-bed storage containers. It is useful to buy storage that comes on wheels so that you can easily access it when needed.

Some beds even come with storage options within the headboard, particularly useful for items you reach for often such as phone chargers or reading glasses. 


One area of the home that lots of us look for more storage in is the kitchen. Kitchen sides can often become overrun, especially if you have you have a variety of appliances that you use frequently. This is where under-cupboard storage can come in really handy. Whether it be a hanging fruit bowl or a metal rack, this type of storage is great for utilising unused space, whilst freeing up precious surface space in the kitchen.

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