So, you may or may not be aware, that the iconic, world renowned rollercoaster, Nemesis is currently closed for the 2022 theme park season. The reason for this is the ride’s track has reached the end of it’s operational life – it’s thrilled millions of guests since it opened in 1994, and to continue this – it needs new track. The ride was closed on the 6th November 2022, and since then the team at Alton Towers have worked hard removing the old tracks and supports. Aside from the lift hill, and the brake run, every inch of metal has been removed – the entire 250-tonne, 716-metre-long track . It’s a MASSIVE job, and will take the bulk of 2023 to complete.

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The ride area has, understandably been closed to the public for safety reasons – as I showed in my visit in March.

Alton Towers have stated that the Phalanx, the secret organisation, who were tasked with keeping the Nemesis beast under control since its discovery in 1994, have taken control and closed the ride. Since then, fans of the ride have been told how this organisation is carrying out investigations into the beast’s behaviour ahead of reopening in 2024.

Guests watch the new Nemesis track from the newly opened viewing platform
Guests watch the construction of Nemesis from the newly opened viewing platform

However, Alton Towers Resort and The Phalanx yesterday opened a ‘viewing platform’ for up to 30 members of the public to enter, and see the mysterious happenings on site. The viewing platform is accessed from the former entrance to Nemesis – Sub Terra – a ride, that itself seems to be having some mysterious happenings too (more on that further down).

The viewing platform opening, has, rather cleverly coincided with the arrival of brand new track and supports for Nemesis from some strange ‘Phalanx’ lorries.

What’s so interesting about the new Nemesis track ?

It seems that Nemesis will be looking VERY different in 2024 – the faded, distressed, white track is no more. The new Nemesis track is a rather MEAN looking gloss black colour, with some rather disturbing red, throbbing veins, snaking their way around the track. The Phalanx and Alton Towers Resort have very kindly sent over some imagery of the new Nemesis Track, and its arrival at the construction site.

Have a little look at them below –

I LOVE the new look – there had been rumours that it would indeed be black, which I thought would be great. However, these creepy, handpainted (I think!), veins add a little more interest, and will make the track pop against the brand new black supports.

Will the ride be different with the new Nemesis track ?

The ride will be pretty much identical, there has been a slight reprofiling, but the ride will have the same layout we all know and love. Weirdly – it WILL *sound* different, the new supports will be filled with sand to deaden the sound. Nemesis has had a proper ‘roar’ as it goes around, but it’s expected this will be reduced with the new supports and the new Nemesis track!

A member of the Phalanx inspects the new Nemesis track.
A member of the Phalanx inspects the new Nemesis track.

It’s also expected that the trains will be replaced- so this will change the feeling of the ride too. This combined with the brand new Nemesis track should make it buttery smooth. Nemesis, to me at least, was feeling a little rough at times in recent years – not like Colossus at Thorpe Park rough, but rougher than it was. This will absolutely be improved

What will be the new name for Nemesis ?

Well, as well as there being new Nemesis track – it’s likely that there will a new name for Nemesis too! There haven’t been any official announcements yet, but, if you have a rummage around the government’s trade mark registry website there’s something a bit interesting..

Could this hint at a new name for Nemesis ?
Could this hint at a new name for Nemesis ?

Back on the 15th February 2023, Merlin Attractions Operations Limited put in an application for a trademark of the name Nemesis Reborn . The want licence to use for a whole LOAD of things – including clothing – and really random things too like (and I shit you not..)
“The bringing together, for the benefit of others, of the following goods, chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, manures, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations

Whilst it’s not 100% guaranteed that the new name for Nemesis will actually be Nemesis Reborn, I’d wager at least 50 pence on it.

I am LOVING the effort that Alton Towers Resort are putting into the marketing for Nemesis / Nemesis Reborn. It’s so exciting to see glimpses of the track officially, rather than some oiky YouTuber clambering around places they shouldn’t with a GoPro strapped to them! Even though the ride isn’t changing dramatically, having this extensive work done on the ride will ensure that it’s ready to thrill generations to come..

Let’s hope they do similar when the new trains arrive….

Photography Credits – Alton Towers Resort and Darren Robinson

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