When it comes to the clothes we wear, gender can play a significant role in informing our choices. Walk into any high-street clothing shop, and you’ll find a single big section for women, and another one for men. In some cases, these sections are on entirely different floors.

Fashion accessories that are no longer just a woman’s thing

One thing that’s defined women’s clothing over the years is the role of accessories. But just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a few choice items to bring your wardrobe together, and express a little bit of your character.


A scarf is a practical item, as well as an aesthetic one. It’ll keep your neck warm in the autumn and winter, and for that reason alone should be considered. Keep a selection of them to hand, in a range of different thicknesses.


Men tend to favour chunkier, steel-tinged jewellery, with very limited use of precious stones. But you don’t need to go too macho, if your preferences don’t lean that way. You can now even find rings that double as heart-rate monitors, making this a fashion choice with some practical utility, too.


Men’s diamond earrings tend to come in the form of glittering studs, as opposed to the danglier kind favoured by women on a night out. The best thing about earrings of this kind is that you can wear them while you’re exercising, or even working.

Crossbody Bags

You might remember the episode of ‘Friends’ in which Joey raises eyebrows with his choice of unisex bag. This is an item that continues to divide opinion – but many men swear by them. They’re enormously practical, and if you can pull then off, you’ll look the part, too.


Men’s bracelets tend to come in one of two varieties. There are metal chains, and there are leather straps. Think of the sort of thing that Johnny Depp wears on his wrists. It’s difficult to go wrong with this kind of thing – you can even layer multiple bracelets in multiple styles, since metal and leather naturally complement one another.

In Conclusion

If you’ve yet to accessorise, then taking the step might seem significant. But you’ll be surprised at how effective just a few choice items can be. You don’t need to spend too much – and you might find that you wear your new accessories every day, and that they elevate the rest of your wardrobe, rather than distracting from it.

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