I don’t blog to get rich, I honestly think it’s very rare for a blogger to make a half decent existence from writing, especially the way I write! I did use to have AdSense, but due to some ‘helpful’ clicking from a friend who shall remain nameless, my account got suspended. Doh! So essentially the only revenue stream I had was strangled before I received my first payment!

Instead, now I have opted for the mildly less intrusive option of signing up to the ‘Amazon Affiliate‘ scheme. Essentially by following one of my links to Amazon, if you make a purchase, I get a tiny percentage back as a gift card. It’ll help me buy something from my wishlist, or some other bit of toot I’ve got my eye on.

So if you’re buying something from everyone’s favourite tax dodging multinational, then help out out your old pal Kippeh by clicking here first. Of course you don’t have to, I’ll just put a curse on you and your first born, or something, alright, I won’t do that.. (aside, I will.)

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