I’ve never been a fan of voicemail, I usually get a message saying i’ve got one, and then forget to actually listen to it. I’d seen Spinvox mentioned on a few sites – like SMS Text News and not really ‘got’ what it was. In a bored moment at work I decided to investigate – and boy i’m glad I did!

Spinvox is a replacement voicemail service, people leave messages, as usual, and you can listen to them, as usual. The unsual aspect is what makes Spinvox AMAZING. The Spinvox computers listen to the message and transcribe it into a text message – with scary accuracy.

Here is a message I got last night from my mate Jules :-

‘”Hi Surie(?), it’s only me. Just phoning up really just to see what was going on. Anyway I’ll try and catch you tomorrow sometime. See you later. Bye.” – spoken through SpinVox <*08>’

Obviously it didn’t pick up Jules saying ‘Sweetie’ – i’ll let it off – Jules does sound ‘speshal’ at times 😉 but still thats pretty fooking amazing. My sceptical boss even tested it out by speaking French – and it even understood that!

Obviously, it does cost, but in my opinion – it’s worth EVERY penny!

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